Using 2 strands

The pattern for the baby blanket calls for 4 balls.
Instructions say use 2 strands together.
Does this basically mean the blanket is really only going to be as big as if using 2 balls?

When knitting with two strands you use bigger needles and your stitches are also bigger. Thus the blanket is bigger when using 4 balls and knitting with double strands than when using 2 balls and a single strand.


Think of it a bit like halving the ingredients for a recipe. If you halve the ingredients for a cake, you’ll get a cake half the size (roughly).

If you halve the yarn input, you’ll get a blanket half the size (roughly).

(I’m glossing over a few things. You will definitely get something that weighs half as much, with the knitting and the recipe, although it may not be exactly half the volume due to factors such as gauge in the knitting and surface area to volume ratio in baking.)