Use pattern with different yarn?

:knitting: If I want to make something but it uses different yarn how do I convert the pattern using the yarn I have?

Thats going to depend on several things.

First off, What yarn weight and gauge does the pattern call for? Are you substituting a yarn of the same weight, or is your yarn a different weight?

The patten calls for Bernat Boucle and I have Berroco Plush (also a Boucle). However the Bernat yarn is 15 sts and 22 rows = 4 ins. The Berroco is 12 sts and 20 rows = 4 ins. Is that enough info? Thank you SO MUCH. Z

You can try it. What’s the gauge you’re supposed to get in the pattern, and on what size needles?

15 sts and 22 rows = 4 ins and the it calls for US 8 needles.

So, next question - what are you making? Have tried making a swatch?

A scarf? Go for it! Gauge isn’t going to matter so much, and the yarns sound similar enough that the look should be what you want.

A hat? Might need to go down a needle size (try a swatch!) so that the hat doesn’t come out too big.

US 8 or 8mm, which would be a US 11? With the boucle yarn it would be difficult to get 15 sts/4" on size 8s, but easier on size 11s.

Please give us as much information as possible in your first post when asking questions so we can help you better. Tell us what you’re making, the yarn you are using or want to use, and the name of the pattern and a link if at all possible. :thumbsup:

The gauge difference is quite large so it makes a big difference whether you’re making a garment or something like a scarf.

Hi. Sorry about that. I am new to this. I am trying to knit a poncho. I have some yarn that I love and I would love to use it for something.

The pattern is from Bernat - Baby Boucle Easy Poncho (to knit)

What you need to do when you switch yarns is look at the gauge. Garments can end up a very different size if you switch. Sometimes switching needle size works, but sometimes it doesn’t if the gauge is very different. So…

Baby Boucle is 15 stitches over 4 inches or 3.75 sts per inch using a size 8 needle.

Berroco Plush is 12 sts over 4 inches or 3 sts per inch on a size 10 needle.

If you were to make the pattern with the Berroco Plush it would probably come out quite a bit larger. You can try using a smaller needle to get the gauge closer, but you don’t want a stiff fabric so you are probably limited. If you don’t mind it being bigger then you can ago ahead and try it and maybe save it till the child is bigger.

Just found this… a similar pattern with a closer gauge to the yarn you want to use.

That is quite a difference in gauge. I would be looking at a different pattern I think. The one Jan suggests is a beauty!