Use of circular needle

Hi I’m new in this forum, and a new knitter, and my question is this
I the pattern calls for a CN could I use regular straight needles of has to be CN? I want to make a blanket for a toddler.
Thanks for any help here.

You can use straight needles, but after the 1st few rows, it will get heavy. And as you progress and the blanket increases in bulk, the needles may get too crowded.

For a blanket, the sts may get pretty crowded and increase the chance of dropping one when using a straight needle. A circular needle holds many more sts and you can use it just like a straight one; when you get to the end of the row, turn and knit the next row.

Tanks Linda, another thing, which brand do you like better for needles to use, I been having the metal ones, but my sis told me that they have ones that look like bone or ivory. please let me know
Thanks Rosario

Needle material is a personal preference - some like metal, some like wood, others like plastic or other material. And some needles go better with certain yarns; for slippery yarn, a wood needle grips better, for sticky yarn, a metal needle is better.