Use for Swatches?

Hi!:I was just wondering if anyone had found ways to use their gauge swatches creatively? I have decided to make my latest into pot holders by knitting in the round and lining with reflective insulating material. It’s extra work, but I thought it might make a nice little gift. I’d be interested if others have come up with ideas to put those swatches to use!

I don’t usually keep the gauge swatch. They get frogged so the yarn can be used either in the project the swatch was for or in a later project. I have occasionally made a blanket square or a hat to use as my gauge swatch, but not often.

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Hi lewister: I like those ideas! I was reusing wool from my swatches as well, but am getting into fair isle and have fallen in love with the swatches lol! They are like little jewels of colour combinations and I thought they would like to live on :-).

I usually end up frogging them, too. Here’s one pattern for them, but I’m sure there are more.

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Hi Jan: So cute! Thanks for recommending :slight_smile: