USA / Europe trades


KnittingNat- what do you want? I’m getting ready to order & I’d be happy to order for you…


Hey this sounds like a good place to post about my business venture idea. I’d like to sell patterns of stuff i make (skirts, tops, armwarmers, whatever you want, i can make it). If anyone’s interested i will take pictures of the stuff i’ve made so you all can see and i’ll bang out the pattern for them too. Let me know whatcha think.


creativejesusfreak, we have on our buy/sell/swap forum a place to list your website(if you have one)! another great idea would be to start a thread in the buy/sell/swap forum and list the patterns you have available (photo’s would be great!!) good luck!


Snowbear, i PM’d you. Thank you :hug:


what are you looking to buy bajanknit?

I am looking to get yarn and needles as i just moved to the uk and didn’t bring any of my stuff here due to lack of space I needed my clothing more LOL thanks for you help.


There is some sirdar wool here, though just not the exact type your looking for which I have heard has been discontinued, but I’ve seen it on ebay

I think they post outside the UK, I bought a pattern from them once so I know they are ok.


I also found this website that sells Lion Brand yarn in the UK, but I’ve never bought anything from them
says they’re closed til september as well


Oh, I want to play–can I, can I?


Thank you WIllowangel for my Bumper Book of SImply Knitting!!! I love it and you are the best for getting it for me and sending it across the pond- THANKS!!


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Jeremy for helping me with KnitPicks order! Now i have the Options set and other stuff:cheering::cheering::cheering:!


You are so welcome. I’m was glad to do it.:muah:


hi there all you UK friends… the writer of my favorite blog, Jane Brocket at yarnstorm is about to have her book published in the UK. The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket. my mom LOVES her blog and her sense of style, family and home. I would be thrilled to be able to give this to her for Christmas. I will pay for the book, shipping and whatever. Or I could order something in turn for you from the US.

If you see it and are willing- please let me know!!! (or if you find out I can order it through or something… )

today’s post has pictures from the book as a teaser.

I have paypal, and tons of feedback on eBAY as Marykatz and on etsy as marykz



Hi Marykz,

I would be happy to get the book for you.
I’ve just checked on amazon and I can pre order it for £15. (It’s out on the 4th Oct)
I’m not sure how much postage would be but it will be easy enough to check if you
are interested.
Amazon seemed to be the cheapest option for you.
Let me know


hi Tesco has it for 14 pounds !!!


Hi, Tesco add £2.74 postage but it’s free from amazon


Ok I didn’t see that BUt If you pick it up from store it would be still 14 … Didn’t meant to be misleading


You are right bajanKnit I wasn’t thinking about the shop itself.
I just checked the internet.


I’m in Japan, and it’s not Europe, but if anyone ever wants anything (knitting or otherwise) from here let me know! :slight_smile:


Any websites to see what kind of stuff you have in Japan? Just curious…



Hi any one here willinging to sell or swap sock yarn or dpns??