USA / Europe trades


I’m really wanting a set of AERO needles… I have the old size set, complete, I’m wanting the mm set of AERO needles… I’ve tried others, but just love the way they feel inmy hands…

If anyone over there wants something from over here let me know… as I would love a full set of the AERO



I had to google AERO needles since I’ve never seen them, and it looks like they come from the UK. There’s one person selling them (from Germany) on (the US ebay)…they’re asking for less than $2.00 for the needles - but want $35.00 for shipping. Wow! That’s ridiculous!

Maybe Willowangel can help you out from Scotland. Otherwise I’ll keep looking here, and can ask at my LYS next time I’m there if they can order them for me.


That is a perfect example of why we need to build a bridge over the big pond, lol.

Knitters uniting will overcome any obsticale!

I can’t wait to help out someone over there with something from here. :hug:


There’s a bunch of aero needles on ebay atm, but if someone wants me to buy them and send them over, just let me know what the item number is and I’ll get it sorted :slight_smile: I don’t want to risk buying the wrong ones though! I’ve never heard of them before, I love my addi needles, though, that I got for not much at all… I really want addi lace needles, though, and they’re a little more expensive here… eep…

But anyway, let me know if there’s anything on and I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Fi xx


I would also be willing to do this, and i think it would be fun. i will have to do some investigation to see what i would want. i am pretty much doing a knitpicks order every month now, so anyone who wants something from there let me know.


Is this what needle is in the baby blanket? if not, what kind is that? i really like it.


NO… it isn’t an aero… I don’t have any of their circular needles… it came from Jo-ann’s… their store brand…

I’m trying to decide what aero set I want… decisions, decisions…


In a month, I’ll be in London, so I can try to pick some things up there if anybody is interested.


i would be interested in getting some superwash wollmeise … anyone got a hookup?


This is such a great idea - I would love to do this as well. If any wants anything from the US I would be more than glad to pick it up and mail it out. I have a great LYS across the street from where I work so it is really convenient for me.

At the moment I cannot think of anything I need and I am going to Europe in September but I would still love to help anyone who want anything from here.


This should be an interesting trade swap once it is set up.

I too have a LYS near by with lots of goodies and I would love to try some unusal yarns from different areas. (Even pick up some Kool Aide if someone is in the market for it.) So I would be willing to trade, shop or swap.



I think this sounds wonderful. I may not be too helpful though. I have a LYS, but it’s not very big. Maybe when I move I’ll have the hook up :wink:


I can order something for you if you want - whatcha looking for? I assume it can be bought online, I haven’t actually checked yet. I keep hearing about Wollmeise, must be good stuff! Can I fondle it a little first before sending it on? :teehee:


oh my oh my… i know her prices are $13 EUR, i just don’t know what her shipping costs are…let’s see, i think i’d like 2 colors, tiefer see and gewitterhimmel


I am moving to The uk in 1 weeks time would be glad to join in this marvelllous idea . Give me the Hook up!!!


I’ll check into this on the weekend! :cheering:


Here’s a request- I see on the Simply Knitting Magazine Website that they have published a compilation of the year’s most popular patterns. If someone in the UK can pick it up for me I’d be happy to send $$ or swap or buy and mail something you want from the US.

Many thanks, Marykz


does anyone know of a site that I can get my hands on some addi turbos I am hearing everyone talk about how great their are and would like to try them… thanks


I MAY have some Aero needles. I’ll have a look in my stash tonight and let you know.

Aero as far as I am aware, have long since gone out of business, however I know that I personally bought some Aero needles 20 years ago that I never used. I just have to find which “safe place” my mother put them in - they could be anywhere lol


I MAY have some Aero needles.

Are Aero needles the same as the addi turbos that I want???