USA / Europe trades

I’m in Japan, and it’s not Europe, but if anyone ever wants anything (knitting or otherwise) from here let me know! :slight_smile:

Any websites to see what kind of stuff you have in Japan? Just curious…


Hi any one here willinging to sell or swap sock yarn or dpns??

what are you looking for:)
it’s probably easier to ask for what you seek and then someone might be able to fulfil it :slight_smile:

I have about 2 sets of dpns (nothing fancy) that i don’t really use. are you on ravelry? (you could check my stash. the only things i probably won’t part with as far as sock yarns are my sea wool and austermann step ;)) name is the same there :mrgreen:

How much is not much at all:teehee:I love addis and am trying to find out where they are the cheapest :eyebrow:

Thanks Jeanius

I want to start knitting socks so not quite savvy with which needles yet. And yes I got got on to Ravelry this week so i will check out your stash.

Hi I am looking for some Patons SWS about 3 skeins and also debbie mumms traditional yarns both only available in the USA.

:yay: I bought lots of knitting books when I lived in England and lots of yarns, fell in love w/ British wools and other yarns, also the European ones. I would indeed love a source for them. Hang the cost: if you can’t get something here then it’s worth paying the extra to get it across the pond. And we have no knitting shops anywhere around, just the small selection at Wal-Marts and I hear tell they’re thinking of eliminating their crafts section. Nearest decent supplier of yarns is then a 100-mile round trip. :hair:

hi am looking for a skein of rowan polar in natural it has been discontinued does anyone know where I can source one ?

Now the Jan, mouve me (or recomende me to mouve here) i feel much
my boutique bring new items every week, so check out my fashions
dont exciteted for any question.
love & knit

oh i’d lov e to do this as well. i’m in france so can get things from the uk france italy etc (the yarn in italy is to die for).

anything anyone wants from europe just yell


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I don’t know why I didn’t see this sooner! This is very interesting to me. I am very curious about other cultures and would love to participate. Especially if there are certain yarns that are unique to a particular region of the world - something I would never see in the US. I’d love to be a part of this, if anyone is still active.

Please, if you know of a yarn that is only available overseas, PM me an image or something and tell me about how much it would be in US dollars. If it’s do-able, I’m in!!

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Good idea. I use a lot of US patterns, and they’re unusable if the yarn isn’t imported to the UK

I would like to buy 2 balls of bulky yarn for 10mm needles in golden yellow color. This color.

I would like to do something like this.

I can pay you through paypal. The only thing is I don’t know what shipping cost would be. I’m from Croatia in Europe, small country near Italy (we are not in EU).

Is this thread active now? anyone still intrested in yarn swopping?

It’s apparently not been posted in for awhile.

Any one here interested in smocked dresses?

I think that’s a fantastic idea I would like to do that too …Iam from Germany but live in the United States and miss german knitting items, and I have no family left in Germany so yes that would be awesome to trade or buy or whatever :heart::hugs:

I am interested! I often see yarn etc. From Europe and wish i could get it. Thanks for the great suggestion.

I’m looking for some one who could knit this sweater for me in XXL


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