[B]URGENT:[/B] For some unknown reason, I seem to have forgotten how to set sleeves into a baby outfit. I know there is a trick, but I will be damned if I can remember what it is! Can any of you kind hearted knitters please give me a clue here? Thanks in advance!

I am trying to get this baby outfit together tonight so that I can deliver the finished product to the new baby SOON!



I dunno, no trick to it, that I know of. Sew the shoulder seams together, find the top of the sleeve and pin it in place around the armhole and sew it in. Then sew the side and sleeve seams.

Thanks. Directions from the pattern said to sew seams of sleeve up first and then insert it. I am having a horrible time trying to get it in. Twice I went a’frogging!

Finishing is my least favorite thing to do anyway. It is so much easier to inset the sleeve into the shoulder first, before you seam up the sleeve.

Yes, it’s far easier to seam the sleeves and sides all at once. Sewing them up first and setting the sleeve in is how fabric patterns are done, but there’s no reason you have to do it that way. I think when I did sew some tops, I put the sleeves in first.

OK, so I have no idea how I did it, but it took some maneuvering to get the sleeves in once they had already been seamed. It also took two tries. They are in now, finally and my knitting will shortly be a F.O. I will post a pic perhaps tomorrow or the next day. Thanks again!

Typical seaming when sewing you would seam the sleeve, seam the side seams, and then fit the sleeve into the arm hole. But with baby things, the tube of a sleeve is sooo small, it is so much easier to seam the sleeve to the body then sew the side seam & arm seam as one unit.

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