URGENT Working incs into ribbing pattern - please help!

Im an intermediate male knitter and am in the process of making something called a Kyle Shawl Collared Pullover … the garment is all made… Im at the stage now of making the collar part that seems to be made entirely of a ribbed pattern!

But my problem when it comes to start the ‘increase’ row, it says to slip the first stitch and increase on the purl stitch (which is the second stitch in) I then purl-knit-purl-knit across that row = turning to start the next row I eventually work my way back to the increase stitch I made on the previous row …

Im now faced with 2 x purl stitches before me lol … do I purl them both as set on the needle then knit the last Knit stitch or do I purl one and knit the other one then knitting the last stitch (then giving me the problem of having two knit stitches side by side) when I turn to start the third row (which it tells me to increase again the start of each row 15 more times etc)!

Im having great difficulty in keeping the established pattern (as the instructions call it lol)! My attempts at this so far looks irregular and crazy so I can see that Im obvioulsy doing something wrong… I can cable and all those other intricate things which some would find difficult no problem, but for me its something as simple as this :??

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to increase while working increases into the established pattern?

Sincerest blessings

Hmmm…I’m working on a moss stitch garment right now (which is also K1 P1) and when it has me increase, it hs me do it on the purl stitch, too. Then I’m supposed to K both of the last stitches on the way back, BUT one of the two Ks will be hidden when I do the seaming. Hmm…not sure what to tell you!

I answered you in your other post–my opinion, anyway. One post per question is usually plenty and less confusing. :wink: