Urgent Need Help with Pattern

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to work on a cardigan and just do not understand what the pattern is stating. If someone can please explain.

Pattern asks for:

[B]Dec Row (RS)[/B]:
1.) K2, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, SSK, k2 – 2
sts dec’d.
2.) Rep Dec Row every 4th row 3(1-0-0-0-
0-0) times more, then every RS row 0(5-8-9-10-11-
13) times, end on WS – 43 sts.
3.) Armholes should
measure approximately 3½(4-4½-4½-5-5½-6)˝.
4.) Mark center 15 sts on last row worked.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome!
Is the problem in the zeros for some of the sizes? If there’s a 0 for your size, skip that direction and go on to the next.

Which size are you making?

I am really stuck on understanding the following:

Rep Dec Row every 4th row 1 times more, then every RS row 5 times, end on WS – 43 sts.

I understand that I have to decrease every 4th row but don’t understand the [B]one more time and then every right side row 5 times[/B] to end on a wrong side.

The pattern has already given directions for a decrease row. Now they want to continue with some decreases.
Call the last decrease row that you worked row 1. Decrease on row 5 (that’s the “once more”) and then on rows 7,9,11,13 and 15. Complete a WS row and then you’re ready for the next instruction.

Hi salmonmac,

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to me. Now it makes sense.

Thank you again.