Urgent message for u.k

Please check your revent bank statements for “PTI Europe Region”. They are processing payments for Amazon, Napster, Weightwatchers, Google and AOL. If you have these your bank statement will not say these companies but PTI. I can confirm that Amazon use this company to process there payments.

Be careful. Thousands have already been affected.

recent statement from amazon

Dear Customer

Thank you for contacting Amazon.co.uk.

We do understand how frustrated this inconvenience caused to you.

When you view your credit or debit card statement to check the charges
for your Amazon.co.uk orders, you may see “PTI Europe Region” next to
the amount you were charged

Rest assured that the charges are from Amazon.co.uk. PTI processes card
payments for Amazon.co.uk, and their name was mistakenly shown against
your Amazon payment. To rectify this, the payment in question was
corrected to show Amazon’s name. Future purchases will reflect our
company name “Amazon” on your credit card statements.

For the period March 19-March 25, your credit card statement or on-line
banking statement may indicate a transaction by “PTI Europe” or “PTI
Europe Region”. This transaction is actually the purchase you made on
Amazon.co.uk during this period, and is the result of a coding error made
by Amazon’s payment processor.

Our payments processor is working directly with your card issuer or
bank to correct this. We are informed that, depending on the bank that
issued your credit card, the correction will read one of two ways:

  • the transaction with the incorrect descriptor will be removed from
    their statements, and a new transaction with the correct "Amazon"
    description will be inserted; or

  • you will first receive a credit to your account for the amount of the
    original purchase, followed by a new line item for the same purchase
    with the correct “Amazon” description.

If you have not yet seen a correction on your statement, please contact
your card issuer or bank directly to check on the progress they are
making in your case.

Future purchases will reflect our company name “Amazon” on your card

Please note that, regardless of how the correction appears on your
statement, your account will only be charged once for the purchase you

In the unlikely event that you might have been charged a fee by your
bank or card issuer for exceeding an overdraft or credit limit directly
as a result of this mislabeling issue, please contact your card issuer
or bank directly to request the reversal of the fee. If your bank or
card issuer cannot resolve this for you, please contact Amazon directly.

To view the amounts that have been charged for your orders, please
visit the Your Account link located at the top of any page of our website.

We apologize for any inconvenience this mislabeling may have caused,
and appreciate your understanding.

Thanks for this - was wondering what the hell that was when I got it this morning!

Hi Pagan

Thanks very much for posting that useful info. - it won’t affect me personally but I’m sure it will be very useful for other knit/book addicts ferkling round the Forum - loads of 'em.

All the Best