Urgent Instructions Help!

Hello everyone :muah: I’ve been trying to knit this hat I found in an Interweave magazine and I’ve been stuck in the same line for almost a week and I really need to finish it very soon!!! I’m having trouble to understand what am I supposed to do on this row and how to continue the next rows. I hope that some advanced knitters can help me solve this problem ASAP :slight_smile: well the instructions read as follows:

“Remove marker, k2, pm for new beginning of round, work as charted (from beg of rep) to end of round - beginning of round shifts 2 stitches to the left.”

I’m working this hat with 3 double pointed needles plus a free one (working needle, so 4 in total). Here is the chart:


The instructions I posted before are for ROW 11. I would also like to know how do I continue with Rows 12 and then 13… I would really appreciate anyone that can help me with this. It’s giving me such a hard time :frowning:

~ Trish

Just do exactly what it says. The beginning of round will move over 2 sts, so take off the marker, k2 and put the marker back on. The work round 11 as shown on the chart and do 12 and 13 as shown too.

This part - beginning of round shifts 2 stitches to the left. - is just added to explain why you remove the marker and replace it, you don’t have to knit anything different.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: What I did on my first try was to knit the first two stitches as it says, then I started the pattern, so I had to place marker, knit 2 then yarn over and so on… But when I came to my last DPN I only had 2 stitches left to knit and i needed 4 stitches… What am I doing wrong???

You need to knit the first 2 sts that you did when you moved the marker. They become the last 2 sts of the round; the beg/end of round doesn’t have to be at the end of a needle, it can be in the middle. Sounds like it’ll work out right.

So in other words, I have to knit AGAIN the first 2 stitches that I had to knit on my first DPN? Wow, I’d never would’ve guessed that… Thank you very much!!!:inlove:

Yes, you moved the start of round over, so those 2 sts are now the end of round. They didn’t quite belong to either round when you did them, sort of transitional stitches. It doesn’t matter if they have one more ‘row’ than the others in the same round, it’s knit in a spiral anyway.

Okay that’s just amazing! Really thank you so much for your help, I’m gonna go and finish this hat tonight :slight_smile: yay!