Urgent help needed

Please can anyone help me? I am new following knitting patterns and have come to a part that says
Working all armhole decreases as set by last tow rows, dec 1 st at each end of next 1[1,3,3,5,5] rows, then on foll 3 alt rows (62 [64,66,68,70,72]sts).
Does this mean that I have to continue knitting the 2 rows previously as well as the decreases above or just follow what it says above?
Hope you can help

what size are you making first off… that’s the number you pay attention to in the brackets. and yes, i believe it does.

You previously did some decs at both ends, maybe one or two sts in from the edge. That’s the ‘work decs as set’ it mentions. Depending on your size you would dec the same way on the next row, or the next 3 or 5 rows, then on every other row 3 more times.

Thank you both I’ll give it a try keeping my fingers crossed.