Urgent help needed on sweater pattern

Hi, I’m a self-taught knitter, so I am not sure about some knitting pattern instructions. I am knitting a sweater for my younger sister for her 10th birthday in a few days, and I have finished the bottom of the sweater. I m on the sleaves and this is where I ran into a problem; the pattern states,"

Knit in rounds inc 1 st each end of rnd on 5th and every following 6th rnd until there are 44 (48-56-60-66) sts. Cont even until Sleeve measures 11½ (13-14-15½-17½) ins [29 (33-35.5-39.5-44.5) cm]."
I took this as meaning i was supposed to knit 5 rnds and increase one, and then knit 6 rnds and increase 1, and continue knitting and on each 6th round I increased 1. I knitted the whole sleeve until I realized something was wrong because my sleeve was way longer than 15 1/2 inches in length.

What was I supposed to do for the sleeve?
Many thanks, Olivia
here is the link for the pattern-

The increase is EACH END of the round, so there is 1 at the beginning of the round and 1 at the end of the round. 2 stitches increased on each increase row. They will most likely be positioned on the inner arm where a seam would be if knit flat.
Yes, inc on the 5th round then rounds 11, 17, 23…
I’m not sure how many you will work as i dont know the stitch count you are starting with, but you have the right idea of counting the rounds between increases.

Hope you manage to finish up in time.
We love seeing finished projects if you are able to post a photo.


Thanks so much! That makes sense. I will post a picture when I get it done :slight_smile:
Thanks, Olivia


Hope you get done in time, what a considerate gift! Pattern looks lovely, too.