Urgent help!ending a beanie!

[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“3”]I’m a new knitter and this is my first time knitting. i’m knitting a beanie.i started off with 120 stitches and its a stockinette stitch.not sure how but i currently have 122 stitches and its a rectangle shape now…how do i decrease my stitch?i’ve googled and see that there are so many methods.i dont know which to follow.are the nnumber of stitches important?how many stitches should i have left before i weave my yarn thru with the tapestry needle???someone please help!!!in quite a hurry to finish this as it is a gift for a friend leaving soon…please please pleaseeee!!![/SIZE][/FONT]

Welcome to KH!
Is your pattern meant to be a rectangle that you seam up later? Are there decreases to shape the top of the beanie or is there a seam across the top of the hat?
If there are decreases, you could do a couple of k2tog before the planned decreases start.

If there’s a seam across the top, leave the stitch count as is. Two more sts won’t make a big difference.
Do you know where you picked up the extra sts and how to avoid doing that again?

well, i didnt exactly follow a specific pattern when i started knitting.but i wanted to knit a slouchy beanie.so, should i decrease stitch?or seam across the top of the hat? what is the best way to end it???

See if a pattern like this gives you the look that you want. You can adapt the decreases to your stitch number (knit 8, k2tog across the row, knit a row, knit 7, k2tog across the row and so on).