Urchin beret from Knitty. Knit in Colinette Prism on 10.5 needles. My gauge was small, so I knit the medium to end up with a small size hat. It fits well, but does not have as much as a pronounced “beret shape” as the pattern.

This was so much fun and very quick to knit. My sister has already requested one.



Beautiful! I love the colors!

Very nice . looks good on you too:)

VERY NICE!! 2 thumbs UP !!! :thumbsup:

Very nice job!

Great job, pretty colours. Keep up the good work!

It is so pretty, good work.

I agree it’s lovely and a great colour choice x

Just loverly! Love the colors.:yay:

I tried to make a Beret once, it came out looking HORRIBLE

you did MUCH better than i did


:happydance: very pretty!! I love the colors…

Lovely beret… the first beret I made, I got bored of the seed stitch sides and started the top decreases too soon and it turned out way too small. I’m going to try a new one soon…

That’s a beautiful hat! I’ve admired that pattern from afar, but could never pull it off personally. It suits you so well!

:thumbsup: Looks great

Wow, that’s a gorgeous hat! Beautiful colors. I actually like the shape of yours better than the model.

Thanks for the compliments! I really can’t mention enough how much fun I had knitting this pattern. For those not familiar, it is knit in garter stitch with short rows the first and final “wedge” are then grafted. Since it is in garter stitch you don’t even need to pick up the wraps!

I need to dig through my stash tonight to see if I have anything else I can use to make another one. I had the Colinette Prism leftover from another sweater (used it only for the skull and crossbones on the front) and loved the yarn, but had no idea what to do with it.