Upsizing a pattern?

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My question revolves around this:

I’ve just finished the cast on stitches for a washcloth I want to make, and I’ve realized it’s a bit too small for my liking. (It measures about 5" wide, and I was thinking of something at least 7" wide.)

Here is the link to the pattern:

From what I can tell, the graph that is given is ‘actual size’, of 4 1/2 x 4 1/2.

So. How would I go about adjusting the number of stitches/rows to make it about 7 x 7 (or near there, depending on if it has to be done more ‘evenly’ :slight_smile: )

I’ve heard about such a thing done with scarves before, but as you can probably tell I’ve never done such a thing before on my own. Haha, ohhh the adventures of being a novice knitter :wink:

Thanks so much in advance for all your help; y’all are stars! :slight_smile:

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You can add more sts and keep them on the edges, and knit 2-4 more rows before you start the motif, and after you finish it. Or you can use a size 8 or 9 needle instead of the 4s. A 4 is really small for this yarn, so if you go up it’ll probably make it about 7½" square altogether, instead of 5".