Upside-Downer Sleeve Increase Help!?

A dozen years ago I knit an upside-down sweater–I’m wearing it right now. I want to knit another. The sweater is knit in one piece from the collar down, and I can’t remember how I did the increasing for the sleeves. The pattern says to mark stitches, then on knit rows to M1 before and after those stitches. However, I remember doing something different so that I have a really neat sort of ‘ridge’ two stitches wide at the front and back of each armhole. My mother taught me how to do it then, but she has since passed away. I have looked at the M1L and M1R videos and tried various combinations on a sample, but nothing looks quite the same. Any ideas for me? Thanks so much!

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help. Your sweater sounds like a top down raglan sleeve sweater made with kfb increases. If you go to (free to join) and search for top down sweaters, you’ll probably find something just like or very similar.

There are many patterns for this type of sweater and Ravelry is a great source as GG says. Here’s also a pattern generatorfor this kind of sweater. Thery’re lots of fun to knit and have the advantage of very few seams to sew!

Thanks for your quick replies and encouragement!

I guess I didn’t make myself clear…I do have the pattern still, but I did the increases in the sleeves differently so they look nicer. I just can’t remember how I did it. The line of increasing for the raglan-style sleeves is like a ridge, 2 or 3 stitches wide, and there are no ‘holes’ from the increasing. It is very symmetrical, so I did the increase differently on the left from the right side of the increase.

I’m going to try to upload a photo so you can see what I mean:
Okay, that’s not working, I think the files are too large.

I appreciate the link to ravelry, I’ll keep looking for patterns that have a similar increase style to them.

Thanks again, I’ll keep looking for replies that can help me with this!

If you check the free videos at the top of the page and look at the increases, you might be able to figure it out fairly quickly. As salmonmac says, they’re fun to make.

You probably did a different increase, like kfb, k1, kfb, or kept 2 sts between the increases. If you can post a picture of the sweater incs we can help you figure it out. Especially if it shows the same direction as your knitting, with the neck at the bottom rather than ‘right side up’.

And here’s a post about resizing photos if you still want to post your picture:

These are two of the best practically, almost, just about invisible increases. You can work as wide a ridge between the left and right increases as you’d like.

I had to put it through the shrinking tool twice to get an acceptable size. I hope this works and that someone can tell me the type of increasing used in this upside-downer sweater.

The picture is of the shoulder, and is taken upside down so that the knitting is upright.

Can anyone tell me how I did the increasing?

I really appreciate all the suggestions people have been sending! I haven’t watched this many youtube videos in such a short time before!

Thanks again!

It’s kind of hard to see what’s what from your picture, but the only thing I can find remotely similar looking are the double bar increase and the double make-one increase. The only difference is that neither of these increases have a double row of stitches down the middle as yours does. But perhaps that’s just two stitches between the increases instead of just one???

I dunno–maybe look those two increases up and see if either is what you want.

I think that either of the first 2 increases shown in video link is pretty close. You might try them and see what you think, if you haven’t already.