Upside downer pattern

I am knitting a sweater, from the top down using circular needles. I have increased 8 stitches every 2nd(knit) row as instructed. After 37 rows, I have 252 stitches on my needle,but the pattern says I should have 406. This is a raglan style sleeve, with" make a stitch "on each side of the “Marker” stitch at the front and back of each arm. Can anyone tell me why I am lacking in so many stitches?

Could you share a portion of the instructions, word for word?? It’s hard to know for sure without seeing a bit more of the pattern.

Have you been increasing 8 stitches each round?

Are you using the same size needles? Does it fit you? Put the stitches on some scrap yarn or other circular needles and put it over you. If everything seems to be in the right place, you’re okay. If not, keep going.


Thanks for answering,knitqueen!!! I’ll write the pattern down for you. I have casted on 95 stitches, and worked in knit 1 purl 1 to form the collar.Then, you increase evenly across the collar to have 102 stitches. They then ask you to make a “marking row” where you mark where the sleeve will be at the front and back of each shoulder. So, I have 4 marked stitches in total.
Here I will be quoting the pattern. First it says"(Knit to next marked st. M1. Knit marked st. M1) 4 times "then work panel pat , then “Keeping cont of panel pat, inc 8 sts evenly around next and following 36 alt rows as before. 406 sts” Panel pat is a cable design going down the front edge of the sweater. I have no problem with that. the problem is with not getting enough stitches on the needle a the end of the 36 rows. Mysweater looks great, with a nice seam running diagonally down the front and back of my shoulder. It’s too awkward to tell if it would actually fit me. If you wanted to see a picture of the sweater, its a Patons Upside -Downers booklet, and I did see it on line by typing in “Upside Downers”, I think under “patterns”. If you need more info, let me know.
:shrug: Thanks so much!!!

I think I see your problem. It’s telling you to increase on next and every alt 36 rows…

I think you took that to mean ‘every other row for a TOTAL of 36 rows’ but I think it’s supposed to mean a total of 36 increase rows, every other row which would be a grand total of about 72 rows.

I don’t have time at the moment to calculate precisely if that would work out to the right stitch count, but just eye balling it it seems like it would be about right for the difference in stitch count that you have.

Yep, so you have your 102sts from the first paragraph, then the first increase of 8 stitches as it spells out at the first sentence of the next paragraph, so so far you’re at 110sts. Now, a total of 37 (ie. next and following 36 alt rows) increase rows, time 8 stitches each = 296sts. So 110sts from first paragraph + 296sts = 406.

:cheering: :cheering: I get it! I just have to knit more. I’m so glad I didn’t rip out all my knitting. I can now continue, and thanks so much knitqueen, and others who replied. You will hear from me again. :cheering: when I hit my next roadblock.