Upside down cast-on from previous cast-on stitches

Hello there,

I’m making a sock monkey using a Patons pattern. I’m ready to make the muzzle and the directions say to cast-on 10 stitches, knit one row, then turn the work upside down, with RS facing and a second needle and pick up and knit 10 sts along cast on edge for 20 sts. Sounds easy, right? NOT! Every time I attempt to do it, either the stitches start falling off the other needle or I don’t end up with 10 sts, only 9. Is there anyone who can offer me some advice for another method to do this? I’m so frustrated right now! Thank you.

Pick up an extra st, or CO one extra to get the right number.

could you put a little rubber thingey (tip protector or whatever it’s called) on the first needle to keep them from falling off?

do a provisional cast on and remove it right away? would that help you? That would make it seamless…
I would use a provisional crochet cast on - but any other will do.

The provisional tends to also lose a stitch when you knit the other way too. Unless you add an extra in the CO.

What about one of the toe-up cast ons? Like Judy’s Magic Cast On or Turkish Cast On? Except you’d start with casting on 20 instead of 10, since I’m guessing the muzzle is basically the toe of a sock. So a Toe-Up Cast On would work right?

ETA: Well with Judy’s MCO you’d cast on 20, Turkish you start with 10, knit into them and end up with 20.

Oh that’d work. Good thinking RoseFairy!