Upside down backwards mirrored opposite etc... With charts

Not even sure how to ask my question… Concerning knitting and charts… There’s a sock I want to knit for my brother. But it’s done cuff down and I’m going toe up… In order for the various charts - cuff, leg, foot - to line up propetly they need to be done in reverse order and upside down, including the decreases/increases. are there any general rules for how to do that… Like if it calls for a yarn over, replace with k2tog, or if it wants a centered double decrease, do a kfbf etc?

OMG Topher… :zombie: Hopefully Salmonmac can help!

I would test this out on a small swatch first. You can replace yarn overs with k2tog but you’ll lose the open lace work that the yarn over gives although you’ll maintain the stitch count. You’ll need to adjust the slant of the decreases and increases too.
I wonder if you couldn’t just knit the chart as given? The pattern will be upside down but that shouldn’t really matter. The instep pattern is all in one chart (Clue 4).
There is a book that should be helpful for this:

It gives directions for converting knitting charts.
You may well be writing your own book before this is finished! Let us know how it goes.

So i did figure it out, after some trial and error, and a few a-ha! Light bulb moments.

Fixing it for toe up requires fun things like…

twisted stitch followed by either slip one, twist one, pass slipped stitch over… Or… Twist one, twist2tog… for a one stitch decrease where you end up with 2 twisted stitches side by side…

Followed by a fun…

2 stitch cable cross with make one during… As in hold first stitch forward, knit 2nd stitch, backwards loop cast on to make one on right needle, knit held stitch… For a one stitch increase…

Etc. It’s working, the stitch count stays right row by row, and the various decreases (k2tog, ssk improved) work just as written, because they already orient correctly when you turn the chart around 180*.

Am about half done with the chart… Which needs to be done twice (including gusset increases towards the end of the 2nd time)… And that’s all before getting to the heel with its slipped stitch pattern and 3 yarn colors, and then the various leg/cuff charts… And that’s only one sock, still the 2nd to do. But, there IS progress. :slight_smile:

Well done! Certainly looking forward to seeing this one.