Upset with Wally World Tonight

:nails: Okay, earlier this month a thread was started about what Wal-Mart was doing with their yarn section. I was just in mine last week & there was a whole aisle full of yarn. Red Heart, Lion Brand, Caron SS, Baby yarn galore but tonight, the night that I needed some yarn there was NONE! :grrr:My local Wal-Mart, 3 miles from the house, completely took out their fabrics & yarn section!!! Unbelievable. :tap: Replaced it with a bigger scrapbooking & cake decorating section. I just stopped & said WHOA out loud. A sales associated there just stopped & stated that it was removed from their store & that I could drive to two other stores about 10 miles from that store in either direction cause they still had their fabric & yarn sections. :!!!:I might as well drive to the Michael’s, Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby stores that would be the same distance. So much for convience for a few kind of yarns. Was looking forward to some new yarns in the yarn section from what the other tread said. Oh well, that is how my day has gone from the start. :hair:

Wally World sux

Hey Jody. If you’re not talking about the Wal-mart at Marietta Trade Center on Cobb Pkwy, don’t bother going there—I did the same thing last night. I wasn’t actually looking for yarn, but that whole section is gone from that store as well.

(I’m in Marietta)

If my Walmart removes the fabric/yarn section I will become one of the anti-Walmart people.
We used to have a bunch of Jo-Anns around and now we have one that is poorly stocked. If Walmart pulls that it will prove exactly what many people say about them moving into an area, putting businesses out and then changing their mind, leaving customers with nothing.

Wal-Mart really does suck. I hate shopping there unless it’s midnight because it’s always crawling with rude, trashy people who would sooner run you over with their cart than look at you. And the employees aren’t much better.

My husband actually had a brief stint working there (VERY brief, we’re talking a week, max) last year. I was the only one working because he was focusing on finding a job with his college degree. We got desperate for money, so he flooded the local retailers with applications. Wal-Mart was the first to call him back.

Anyways, my point is that in his orientation, there was at least one person who was illiterate, and another person who needed the term “tax” explained to him.

Oh yeah, and they also made sure the employees knew not to bother with giving any kind of customer service because “our prices are so low, they’ll come back here to shop.” And no, I’m not kidding, that’s literally what my husband was told in orientation when they came to the customer service portion of the training.

Luckily, on his fourth, or maybe it was his fifth day of work, he was walking in when his cell phone rang with an offer for an interview in his degree field. Granted, it was across the country in Utah, but still.

Ugh, Wal-Mart. I’m really just to the point where I’d rather spend a little extra money to shop in a store with a friendlier, cleaner atmosphere. Unfortunately, because Wal-Mart really DOES have some of the lowest prices around, people will still shop there in droves, giving them almost a monopoly over the stores of that type. I can only hope the company shoots themselves in the foot by starting to remove complete departments from their stores.

Our JoAnn’s stocks nothing but acrylics. Craft World (?) does a lot better, and their beading selection is really great.

About a year ago, the lady that worked (I don’t see her anymore) in our local Wal-mart told me that Wal-mart is getting rid of their fabric/yarn section in all their stores over a period of time. She said as they remodel each store, it will disappear. They even had a petition going in our store - I don’t think anything came of it. They yarn section is no longer one wall, about a quarter now and the fabrics are not as plentiful as they used to be. We’ve got JoAnn’s, but it is a joke for yarn, our ACMoore and Michael’s used to stock a good selection - but not anymore. If I’m looking for something a little different than the Red Heart or Lion Brand I need to go to my LYS and if they don’t carry it - order online (hate shipping cost).
It is a shame that Wal-mart is doing this because we live in an area that is diverse in its population - not everyone can afford to get their yarn or fabric from somewhere else. Wal-mart needs to wake up.

:hug: 'Sorry to hear you had such an awful day…

We have 2 Walmarts in our town and the one nearest to me got rid of their fabric department and cut way back on their yarn selection.I hardly ever go there now as I am a Walmart hater anyway but this certainly helps with the stash problems LOL.I have never ordered on-line but I think I may try it.

I agree with this statement. I use to be one of those people who couldn’t afford to shop for my fabrics or yarn at any other store than Wal-Mart. Although, Now that I think about it again, :think: quickly heading that way again with this economy & husband being self employed. I only grab something in there from the yarn section when in a bind or when charity knitting called for red heart yarn. I was just looking for an orange yarn last night to use to tie up my ghost suckers that I am giving out for Halloween to my students who ride my bus. Couldn’t even find orange in what they did have.

I guess I am going to just have to start making a list & time my trips to Jo-Ann’s or Hobby Lobby for yarns again. I have also gotten to where I order a lot online with Jo-Ann’s or Herrschnerr’s with the gas prices having been high. I just hope they don’t take these sections out of the really small rural towns stores. I used to live in one, in-laws still there, & that is all they have for crafts there. Otherwise it is a 50 minute drive north or 75 minutes south for bigger towns with Michaels’ in them.


I was at the new, well I guess a little over a year there now, Wal-Mart on Dallas Hwy just over the Paulding County line. It had a really great yarn section until now. Will be heading into Austell on Thursday morning so will hit Hobby Lobby while I am there.

It is really sad that we have to think about driving 8 miles for yarn now with gas prices. It stinks, I use to never think twice about jumping in the car & driving to Town Center Jo-Ann’s or over to Hiram for the Michael’s or into Austell for the Hobby Lobby. Now I make a list of what I need at which stores & wait for it until I am in that area again on other errand. This is really putting a crimp in adding to my yarn stash! :teehee:

Not to hijack a thread or anything, but…
Gas prices have dropped about $1 a gallon in the last several weeks. They’re below what they were in the spring when the prices started to go up. Many places are around 2.50/gallon now. Is everyone still seeing higher prices where they live?

JD said last night he found gas for 2.25! :woot: I never thought it would drop below 3.00. My parents are in WV their area is at 2.69 I think…they are always higher than us.

Here in Austin it’s $2.19. I never thought I’d see gas below $3.00 again either!

It’s about 2.30 here, though it goes down every day. I never though it would be below $3 either, or at least not much lower, nevermind closer to $2. YAY!

My brother in Richmond VA said he paid[B] $1.99[/B] for gas last night. Around here it is 2.15ish .End of hijack

I have one Walmart in my area with a very limited amount of yarn. I hate that I have to drive past one Walmart to get to the one with yarn but it is still closer than Michaels(with a pretty good selection of yarn) or Joann (which has a horrible selection of yarn).
According to the manager at the Walmart with yarn he hasn’t heard anything about gettting rid of their section. He explained that they looked at each store and saw what was selling and if the yarn wasn’t selling the section would be taken out. I have a hard time believing that my Walmart wasn’t selling enought yarn to keep the section considering eveytime I was in there I would see people buying yarn or needles but…

I would so love to open my own yarn shop. My friend and I were talking the other day about how we have become yarn snobs - that we dont want knit w/just red heart or plain acrylic anymore. And we want a huge variety to choose from when we shop. I guess thats why we shop online for most of our yarn.

But that yarn shop is my dream. Maybe someday!

I’m miffed about the disappearing yarn and fabric section as well. I don’t know why they are doing away with all of it, but it ticks me off! I would love to be able to go to my LYS, but I just don’t have the income for it. Walmart used to offer cheap stuff that I could afford. But these days If you can’t shell out thirty dollars for a skein of sock yarn, apparently you’re out of luck.

Sock yarn can be bought at Joann’s, Michaels and HL, as well as online, for well under $30 per pair.

This is also my dream someday too! My husband tells me that once we are out of debt, in about 50 years :teehee:, that I can then think about opening a shop. I figure if we stick to our plan that will be about 7 years down the road. Have 2 kids to put thru college yet.

As for sock yarn under $30 I find that having a friend who owns a yarn shop in another state & carries Tofutsie’s sock yarn comes in handy.

As for the gas prices, I did start that with my whining about them being high. Here by me in the west side of Atlanta we are right around $2.37 still. I still am not going back to my old habits of just running out for one thing when I get a whim. My husband & I both, unfortunetly didn’t think about it 5 years ago, drive large SUV’s that are paid for but still take a good bit of $$$ to fill up. I would love to see it back in the $1’s range here.

Okay off my whining box now. Time for me to get back to the school bus to pick up the kiddies from school here. I have enjoyed hearing everyone’s voices about this & that.