Upset about Noble Knits

So heres the story. On 2-1-08 I ordered a pattern for felted clogs from Noble Knits, I was hoping it was one where I could pay and download it or recieve it through email. Well, unfortantly I couldnt do that, the pattern itself was $5.00 and the shipping was $6.00. I would normally not pay that much for shipping of a piece of paper but, I already have the yarn and I really really want to make the clogs. So, you would think with a shipping price of $6.00 you would definatly have it within a week, probably 3 days. Well here we are on the 14th and I still haven’t recieved the pattern. Noble Knits does have a number to call and I did call them today, the lady that answered was so nice and said I would probably get it tomorrow. I couldn’t bring myself to gripe to her about it even though I really wanted to. I really feel like I should request the $6.00 for shipping back. Anyway, just wanted to give everyone a heads up about this. Happy Valentines Day:muah:

Ooooh - I’d be so frustrated by now!!!

Has the pattern arrived yet?

If not, I’d definitely chew their ears come Monday.

Good Luck and let us know how you get on.

All the Best


PS - Love your cute dog!!!

Fourteen days is terrible service. I hope you get it tomorrow!!!:knitting:

Well, I finally got the pattern yesterday. Having worked in a call center before I dont like to call and complain. I know its not the representitives fault. So i am just going to leave the whole issue alone and chalk it up to a lesson learned. I can say for sure no matter how much I want a pattern or anything else I will not order from them anymore. Thanks for listening.


Very glad to know that the pattern finally rocked up.

I detest it when you wonder what on earth has happened - did they post it? has it got lost? are they out of stock?

Drives me nuts.

I think if they’re charging so much for posting a bit of paper, the least they could do was let you know if there was going to be such a delay.

Anyway, I hope the you enjoy knitting the clogs.

Best Wishes.