UPS Tracking Question

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew what was up with this.

02/08/2008 2:29 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
02/08/2008 1:49 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
02/08/2008 8:57 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
02/08/2008 8:14 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
02/08/2008 7:43 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

So, apparently, my package has arrived in Iowa three times?? Has this happened to anyone before? (It it matters, it’s supposed to be 2 business day shipping. It was shipped on the seventh from Minnesota. I’m in Pennsylvania.)


You probably knew this but … SOMEthing is screwed up. I would call customer service.

Call UPS and have them do a trace on it.

Okay, so it now has it as leaving at 4:01 PM. So, hopefully it’s stopped bouncing around. If it’s still acting weird tomorrow, I’ll call on Monday.

I had a package from Toronto sent to Edmonton once for 10 days (I’m on the east coast), and the tracking still said it was in Edmonton when it was carried in my door. I wonder if UPS and Canadapost realize what a disservice they are doing themselves by letting us watch all the stupidity going on with our packages.

it is crazy, I have packages that are marked recieved in just over 24 hours, and others that are stuck un Nashua NH for 2 or even 3 days, then its suddenly at its destination. It seems nothing going OUT of Nashua gets scanned, or ever after until delivery. It makes for chaos in my e-bay endevers.
And I deal with USPS more often than UPS, I only Use UPS for the bigger things that need more gentile care.


They must have a map and a pin, then shut there eyes

Hehe, it is funny that they trust themselves enough to let us watch the mistakes.

But, phew, at least according to tracking, my package (completely cute rain boots!) is in Philadelphia now!! So, I’m guess Tuesday, but who knows, maybe Monday.

The worst is that because I’m at school, the college only gets deliveries at certain times, and I can only pick up my package once I get it before 7 on weekdays.

The tracking info at should have Date Scheduled for delivery or something like that. It’s usually pretty accurate.

As I’m sure by now you have recieved your package. As an “insider” perspective on why it appears that your package arrived 3 times… it’s simply inside tracking.

02/08/2008 7:43 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN arrived from MINN on a ground trailer in IA. I’m suprised there wasn’t a scan showing the package arriving in Minn UPS facility and departing from Minn facility.

02/08/2008 8:14 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN - since package is not being delivered from this building and needs to be retained for the overnight air sort it gets unloaded by the preload shift and recieves a departure scan.

02/08/2008 8:57 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN - Arrives in holding area.

02/08/2008 1:49 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN - Departs holding area and is sorted during the noon-day shift where the package is routed through the building to the air system.

02/08/2008 2:29 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN - Noon-day shift reloads the package into a special retainer on a trailer that goes to the airport. Or this could be the scan that actually means that the package has arrived at the airport

02/09/2008 4:01 A.M. This should say the package has departed from IA and has arrived in PA. It arrived on an aircraft and then sorted to the local UPS facility. In this case I’m sure that package arrived at 4 in the morning and sat in the yard until the preload shift reported for work early monday morning. The preload will load it onto the brown truck for delivery to you that same day… Monday.

A Often times a package manifest will show the package as being “shipped” on the very day that you ordered it, but in reality doesn’t get into UPS’ hands until the following day. 2Day means if we get the package in our system on Thursday you should have it by Monday and if we get it on Friday you should have it on Tuesday; of course we can’t control the weather and often this time of year there are weather delays.

At anyrate, basically your package was picked up by a package car (the brown truck); taken to the local UPS; sorted to the air retention system; taken to the airport; flown to PA; then sent to your local UPS that will load it onto a brown truck and deliver it to you.

It’s a logistical nightmare and even I’m amazed that we can move a package across the world overnight. Unfortunately that tracking system doesn’t give you the nitty-gritty unloading and reloading information that occurs within a hub and the local airport. We always know where the package is [I]supposed[/I] to be. There are a lot of “logical scans” that occur as well which can sometimes be confusing since the tracking information that you see really doesn’t give you [I]all[/I] the information.

Clear as mud, right?

Thanks Marni, for that inside view of how our packages arrive at our homes! I agree with you, it’s amazing how things are moved along and how quickly things really do arrive!

Thanks! Yup, I got my boots on Monday. (Which is awesome because they were predicting either Tuesday or Wednesday.)