Updated..Yee Ha, finally used my "communion" money

Hi everyone…I finally made a “real yarn” purchase…Bought some stuff from Knit Picks today (not a real “major” purchase) but since I rec’d such a nice stash on KH a few months ago, (some Debbie Bliss, Plymouth etc) I am spoiled…:inlove: Here’s the question: I bought some “Imagination” (couldn’t resist the names and look of the stuff) anyone use it? What for? How was it? Etc…any feed back would be awesome…Thanks OMG…just got my Knit picks package:woohoo: just onE word…SHWING!!!

I just went to KP and looked at the Imagination yarn. How yummy! I can imagine socks, gloves, scarves, shawl. Have fun with all your new yarn.

It is sock yarn- I have some in the Seven Dwarves colorway.

I have balled one hank but otherwise haven’t used it yet.

Yea, I realize it’s “sock” yarn, just wondered if anyone made any nice/other stuff with it Thanks:hug:

Cheley, what colorway did you get? On ravelry there are some stunningly beautiful lace shawls and scarves/cowls made with imagination yarn, as well as some baby sweaters, hats, mittens, and arm warmers.

:mmm: I ordered Pixie Dust, Seven Dwarves and Ginger Bread…they look divine too!!! But don’t have ravelry…I was thinking some lovely baby stuff???

Absolutely! Any pattern that calls for that weight of yarn (or that you can get gauge with that yarn!) is a possibility. :slight_smile: I do highly recommend signing up for ravelry, though- SO much information to be found there! :slight_smile: