Updated with pics. Need opinions plz...Prom stuff?

Im makeing some prom stuff.

Look at these and tell me if they are promish?

I was hoping to find more of a thin open lacy type of arm lenghth mitt. I havent found anything yet…im thinking of just making something up.

Im also gonna make a shawl.

Any suggestions for things i should make for girls this prom, would be helpful.

Color suggestions would be good too…i know this is a big deal with girls about matching but these are gonna be in a shop for sale…i was looking for suggestions for a color that would go with anything.


I think those are beautiful! Unless you’re matching them to the dress I suggest black or white. Best to ask who you’re making them for.

They’re beautiful and look like a lot of fun to wear. Your color suggestions might be the best unless you made the gloves to order. I know my nieces would opt for hot pink or jewel tones, but I suppose it would also depend on what the fashionistas determine to be the ‘new’ colors for the season.

Uh-oh-- you actually can’t sell anything using that pattern. It says so at the bottom of the page.:gah:

What is your dress like?
I’d definitely go with a lacier pattern and maybe even make them longer so they go up the arm? Maybe ones that triangle on top of the hand and have a loop that hooks around your middle finger? Just throwing out some ideas.
Cute 80’s Madonna-esque ones would be cool if you’re looking for something less elegant and more punk. Speaking of, what’s the style you’re going for? What’s the overall look?

Uh-oh-- you actually can’t sell anything using that pattern. It says so at the bottom of the page.

Im not selling these…I knew i couldnt sell these. im looking for a style

Im making my own pattern. I can sell those.

Thanks for the update tho…

i would realy like them in white more!

I didn’t think those were delicate enough to be “promish.” I like your idea of making up your own. I was thinking you could knit a tube in a lacy pattern to the wrist (with appropriate shaping) then knit the triangle (ala OldSkool’s suggestion) that would have a loop for the finger attachment.

I don’t know if it matters or would be easier to start with the tip of the triangle first, then add stitches for the arm, work your way up to the elbow in the round or if you started from the elbow down.

Off white or cream and sparkly sounds good to me. Don’t most girls go pastel for prom?

Think black opera gloves only without the fingers lacy and possibly Opalescence, also white. I’d also look through the prom catalogs for desses and see whats a hot color this year remember when it was periwinkle for bridesmaids. Personally I liked the idea of something that comes to a point and maybe had loop to go around a middle finger. I’d go either to the elbow or just below or just over very lacy and keep it simple black or white and maybe whatever hot color. Since its creeping up maybe start looking for something kind of edgy or creepy for halloween spiderweby black sparkly is always popular or purple for whatever reason.

Ok heres what I come up with for the short ones…still working on the long ones…those will be knit.

Im thinking that the ruffle isnt going well with it…but cant make up my mind. If I dont have the ruffle…I need something there…but what?
Also I think its too long…

I need opinions

Pick it to death!!!

They’re gorgeous!!

I like them but remember corsages these days are almost always on the wrist so I’d make something that maybe either can be warn under the corsage or that stops shorts of the wrist. I like the lace but make sure to check some prom catalogs and see if they are in or ask some moms that are probably already shopping for prom dresses if its lace or more of a modern look thats in this year. Personally they almost look bridle to me, but for bridle I’d go full gloves or stop short of the fingers.