Updated with photo - I went to Smileys Manhattan sale

They rented the Holiday Inn’s ballroom. They put everything on the sale list out in ailse and there was still plenty room to walk up and down. It was a pleasure to shop :heart:
I am glad they used laundry baskets instead of supermarket shopping cart so I had to leave after stuffing the basket, and that I only have enough hands to carry 1 basket! Oh, also I had to carry the 2 kitchen-garbage-bag-full of yarns to catch the bus. You know what I mean? With that kind of price, it’s hard not to load up your truck without breaking your bank account!

Now, where am I going stash them??? :?? The bags are still sitting by the staircase :oops:

Damn Smileys! :wall:

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Oh fun! What kind of goodies did you get?

Wow…I bet that was fun! I’ve ordered on line from them so I’m sure their selection was good in person. :happydance:

You are soooo lucky! :yay:

I wanna move back to NY – ok, Brooklyn Heights would do, too.

I’m transplanted and I wanna come home :waah:


Pictures??? :poke:

You can tease us with that and provide no pics :pout: :teehee:

Ah heck–since we’re such goood friends–you can send me some --I’ll “store” some for ya!! :muah: :teehee:

Woo hoo! Was it a madhouse there? We need details on your grab! LOL

I have to take the kids to a friend’s daughter’s bday party today. After we come back I can take a photo of what I got, I promise. Hm…I really didn’t buy that much :wink: only 2 bags.

Neat! I just got back from my LYS bag sale, too! Pix later…gotta run to the vet for shots… for the cat. :teehee:

ETA: My yarn haul is in my KH blog. Too many photos to repost. :teehee:

I posted my photo!
Jan: now it is your turn.

skNYC I don’t see the picture :verysad:

Yeah for yarn! I posted a link to my KH blog because I have a lot of photos. It takes you right to the page.
BTW… posting photos from blogger doesn’t always work well. I was able to view it by right click on the x and then viewing photo. I then resized it. You can resize it on your computer and attach it like I did.[/size]


I will check it out your blog !

I will send you something.

You don’t wanna move back. We are considering moving out someday. I feel sorry for the babies and toddlers growing up in Manhattan. There is no clean air for their little lungs :frowning:

Oooh purty! What is the stuff on the right that is in the box?

The is the Top Print.

Oh shoot, sk… how did you hear of that sale!? I’m in Nyc as you know and I would’ve been there pronto. I didn’t see an ad for this anywhere. Maybe just Smiley’s had an ad? Hmmmmm. Not that I need anymore yarn.

I got it from their website. I visit the site every now and then. The Manhattan sale has much more selection than the store sales, about 3x as much. Maybe we’ll catch up next year.