UPDATED w/Links to cool Pics! Tree coziesColumbusIN Knit and Crochet for Trees?

UPDATE: I called WFIU and found out this is an outdoor display/contest that will be on display until March 28th. Here’s a slideshow from last year - there are some really cool cozies:

You can vote online for your favorite here:

It looks like you sign up in early December. Maybe we can have a KH team next year?

I’m going to go check these out sometime soon, before they get filthy with snow and slush, but after the blizzard ends…

Wow, some of those are really gorgeous. I can’t imagine, though, spending all that time knitting or crocheting something knowing that it’s going to get filthy and slushed up. I hope the winner gets a nice prize! :slight_smile:

The winner gets a $1000 prize which is donated to the United Way agency of their choice. It is a lot of work, but it’s pretty cool! I loved the one done in bark-like colors called “Can you See me now?” – too funny.

Ah, in that case, it’s worth it then. :slight_smile: I really liked the one in the Flickr slideshow with the dog on it, but it looked like it didn’t make it into the “finals”.

The ones from the flickr slideshow are from last year, and the ones on the voting site are this years’ entrants. Looks like they had a lot more entries last year, doesn’t it?