Updated: Upset about a stray kitty

[U]Update[/U]: After I posted the first post, I rode around the village with him and asked a couple of people I know what people do here, since there’s no shelters (except one private dog shelter). No one knew what to do. (The kitty LOVED riding in the car and fell asleep on the seat when I was talking to the supermarket owner.) So I took him home and put him in the yard with food and water and went in the house.

I haven’t heard or seen him since almost immediately after that. I am just praying that his owner found him and took him home. He certainly isn’t the type to just up and leave. Miki seems relieved.

All day yesterday I could hear a kitty crying. Finally, last night, I couldn't stand it any longer and went out to look for it.  It was an orange tiger striped kitty, about 4-5 months old, and it found me.  He followed me back to my house and set up a big ruckus on the front veranda.  I found it almost a block away.  That's how loud he can meow.  Of course I fed him. :aww:  

I don't mind feeding stray cats, but this one wants to move in.  He came in the house like he owned it and wanted me to hold him.  I barely got my 15 1/2 year old cat Miki upstairs before there were any problems and I could rush the little kitty outside.  Miki *will* rip its head off, NO doubt about it.  

I just can't have another pet now.  Miki is going to be sixteen in November and I've had him since he was 10 weeks old.  He's very healthy but high-maintenance and I feel exhausted when I think about having a very active kitty too.  Besides, Miki will never, never, never, never  accept it and so that will always be a problem.    Miki likes everything a certain way and will be extremely unhappy if anyone else comes to live here.  He already knows I am doing something with another cat and is staring at me accusingly and flipping his tail at me.  

I think the kitty was a pet until now and someone dumped him here.  I really hate people who do things like that.  :!!!:There are no animal shelters or adoption agencies here I could take him to.  

This morning he was hanging around and started hollering when he saw me.  I had to hold him and feed him.  He's pretty young, and is obviously used to being taken care of.  I just don't know what to do.  :verysad:

I live outside suburbia and run into this all the time. Luckily I have a no kill animal shelter that I can take them too. I can’t keep them b/c I have 2 dogs and am allergic to kitty dander. I f/u on “my kitties” to be sure they all get homes. Maybe you can just ask around and find someone would love to have such a loving kitty.

Poor kitty. :frowning: Maybe his visit was fate’s way of telling you to start up an animal shelter over there…


I’ve got two elderly cats and they certainly wouldn’t take kindly to having another cat in their territory!!

There’s maybe a couple of things worth trying:

I realise there aren’t animal shelters there but maybe a local vet could help you find somewhere for the kitty.

You could take a photograph and post it in local shops, asking for a good home - perhaps someone would like a lovely little cat - maybe a restaurant owner might welcome having a cat in his/her backyard.

If your two cats are ‘indoor’ cats, it might be possible to make a separate ‘territory’ by rigging up a little shelter in your garden - the problem would be keeping the kitten out of the house, though.

I’d definitely keep the kitty out of the way of your other two cats, especially with them being elderly - said Kitty may have a viral infection that you don’t know about. Best to keep the kitties totally separate.

Good Luck and Best Wishes

Thanks everyone. Nothing has changed; I haven’t seen him since I put him in my yard. I even went out searching for him and didn’t find him. So I really hope his owner came by and retrieved him. Information moves at the speed of light by word-of-mouth here, :oo: so telling some shopkeepers in the middle of the village probably helped. I hope so. I’ve been kind of stressed out lately and this was almost too much.

Vaknitter, I did ask around in the middle of the village and asked the grocery store owner to ask. I also told the “cat guy” in town about him.

Zip, don’t think the idea hasn’t crossed my mind a million times. But such a venture needs lots of time and commitment, and I don’t think I could do it at this point in my life. I just try to help the occasional animals that cross my path and hope that will be enough. I did learn, though, that there’s a no-kill dog shelter in a neighboring village. If and when I ever get a dog, I’ll get one from there.

Limey, hi! You see what happened. And you are right about my cat Miki. He’s due for his vaccinations this month and so I was terrified for the kitty to possibly give him anything. Miki is indoor only but he comes out on the veranda with me. He likes to sniff around in the grass, and sometimes we get in the yard together, but I’m still afraid he’ll come across some other cat’s poop and get an infection. I see big, battle-scarred feral tomcats passing through from time to time. He’s still very healthy, like I said, but he is almost 16. I guess I’m too overprotective. :aww: