Updated Tutu outfit...with all matching parts

I was trying to update the original post but will have to talk to administrators as I was denied access to edit it. So I will just post here the COMPLETED tutu set. It includes the leg warmers and a headband. I have added flowers on the tutu and headband as well.

I loved the tutu, the whole outifit is just too cute!

Oh, my! And I didn’t think the tutu could be any cuter. That’s a great outfit and I can just imagine a little ballerina in it. Adorable.

Aww, it is so cute and that blue is gorgeous. You did a great job!

The photo in the magazine shows a light pink…My granddaughter has red hair and some of my friends had skeins of the blue fun fur, so just to TRY this pattern I decided to use the stash my friends offered me. I was able to match the blue with an I love cotton from Hobby Lobby.

I made it from the skirt up and am planning to make another but I am going to change directions and start with the top down because skirt is so FULL.

The tutu went into the mail today, and I can hardly wait for a picture back from my daughter!

This is absolutely adorable. Any little ballerina would love wearing the outfit.

That’s adorable! Not sure why, but sometimes a post can’t be edited properly. Most of the time you can just reply to the post and a pic though.

I “tied” the flower on the bodice…so that my daughter could adjust it where she wanted it…She didn’t TUCK it in when she took the photo…but you can see the RED hair and why I chose the BLUE yarn!

The blue is perfect! She is soooooooooooo sweet. Good job, Grandma!

Yes, I have that same trouble. It’s not just you. You can’t go back and add a pic in the edit mode. But as Jan said, reply to your own post and then add it. It’s just one of those things, like a used car with its quirks.

Aw! What a sweet little angel! She looks darling in that outfit.

[I]Love love love[/I] the shade of blue! An unexpected shade of blue for a wee one! That’s what I like!

Beautiful! I’m glad for the picture of your granddaughter wearing the outfit. With it lying there it looked tiny. I was imagining the white background as a sheet of paper. :lol: Your granddaughter will get a lot of fun out of that. I know my recently 5 year old GD loves to dress up and perform. She mostly pretends she is a gymnast because that is what she has seen, but I can see her really getting into being a ballerina as well. Like everyone else, I also love the blue. Very dramatic.