(Updated) Crocheted toilet set

Thanks to mathwizard and fibernut for their help in making sense of this old pattern. Ended up doing my own interpretation and pleased with how it turned out. Next up, design a matching tank set. (I’ll just use the funky old green pieces as templates.)


that is so COOL!!! I want to make one to good job

What a pretty cover!

On Decorating Cents this week, one of the designers made a cover out of an inexpensive ‘Persian’ rug. I’ve got to do that, it will just kill my family. :rofl:


Great job! I need some of those too …

:woot: Great job!!

:woot: Kewl!!! I’m glad you got it to work for ya!! Sometimes those old patterns are quite hard to understand.:clink:

I love it!
If I knew how to crochet I would make the two that I need. I just bought a new one yesterday and I hate it, but there was no other choice!!

You did a very neat job on that! Congratulations!

fibernut, I opted to do one less wrap for the ‘poofy’ st (it was too bulky and wasn’t sure I’d ever want to sit on something so bumpy) and like the clean look of the revision. Once I did a sample of what the sts were going to produce I just kept checking the shaping against the actual seat. It was actually easier than the orig patt because I never broke the yarn so was able to work start to finish. (I also opted not to work ‘3 sc in the back corners’ for the last few rows which helped with the shaping there.) If I’d followed the orig patt to a ‘t’ doubt I’d have liked it so a bit of tweaking gave me better results.


Well, ya done good kid!!:thumbsup: I am also thinking that the seat covers today may actually be a slightly different shape than the ones back then. Which might account for some of the weird shaping n stuff.:clink:

fibrenut, once I realized using the pattern just for the general concept, and then working intuitively, things progressed better. Only took a few hours to make it once I let go of trying to make complete sense of the patt and just worked to get the proper shape. Crochet has that unique ability to unzip, correct your sts and move on.


Oh, it cute and useful too.

Finally got the tank pieces done. With no pattern for the tank I was just winging it. The tank lid proved to be the most tedious. Also, the center pattern on the tank lid matches the size of a raised area on the actual porcelain lid but, IMO, looks a bit out of balance. (I’d have made it larger were I to do over…which ain’t gonna happen!). All three pieces used just a smidge over one full Caron Pound skein…so the set for about $5.


:happydance: I love the set!! Great job

It makes me thing of the crocheted spare roll cover that looked like a little hat, which always sat on the back of my grandma’s toilet. It had plastic flowers and a big hat pin as part of the “decor”. I’m sure you could do one of those too!

GrandmaLori…we had those growing up, as well. Not my ‘cup of tea’ now, however. This crochet set wouldn’t be my first choice but I had the yarn and it kept me busy for a few days.


Very creative!