**UPDATE*** WOOT! :) 5000 yards for *THIS?!*

When I order my Ultra Alpaca for the Kenobi Jacket, I will wind up with a few hanks extra since I am getting 2 bags, right, so thought I would make


well, i look at the yarn requirements and it winds up being 22 hanks of the Ultra Ulpaca at 215 yards a hank for a total yardage requirement of 4730!!!


I know the fair isle will involve stranding, which might take up some more yarn, and by the looks of the bag, I’m sure the yarn is doubled, but can this really be right!!! I’ve made felted projects with yarn doubled and it wasn’t near that, bags, clogs, etc. I’ve wrote them to ask, but they usually take a while, wanted to get your opinions… I almost wonder if the yarn requirements are based on 50-gm hanks instead of the 100 gm in the alpaca… that i would agree with…




I don’t know about the yarn requirements for bag, sorry, but I don’t think I would personally do it if it does take that much. :passedout:

On a different note, have you checked out the video on the Philosophers website showing her method of Fair Isle knitting? If not, you should. I’m making a small bag now using it and it really goes quickly and prevents the long strands.


I’m a new knitter, so I can’t answer your question, but that is one cute bag! where did you get the pattern?

I thought it was adorable, too, and did some digging. It’s a purchased pattern from Berroco, called Dana Bag, in Booklet #263, $7.00. More info [color=blue]here[/color].


That looks like a REALLY BIG BAG, so I dont think its all that unrreasonable. But I sure as heck would NOT be spending the dough on Ultra Alpaca for felting. Actually, Even WOTA would cost $90 to make that…

HOLY CARP!!! That’s a lotta yarn!!!

looking at the link to the bag, there is also one for yarn amounts. It will take 19 hanks of yarn (100g.) :wall:

You can see for yourself here

OMG!!! :shock: 5000 yards would make TWO sweaters for me, and I’m a very fluffy lady!!!

Also looks like it’s VERY densely felted.

I agree with ^^

You could make 2 huge afghans with that much yarn!!! :noway:

I think because of the fair isle, there will be a lot leftovers.

I’m so using that as a self-descriptor from now on, I love it! It sounds much more cheerful for me to say my clothes don’t fit because I"m feeling fluffy :teehee: .

Also–yikes! That’s a lot of expensive yarn to be felted. It always boggles my mind when felted patterns suggest expensive yarns. It seems like such a waste since felt pretty much looks and feels like felt regardless of how soft or scratchy the yarn was to begin with.

One of my LYSs has a section of wool that they put “Great for Felting!” signs on. And that’s the section they keep the Malabrigo in! Sweet cat Batman, why would you felt Malabrigo and lose the wonderful butter softness???

Can someone give us a link to Philosopher’s website? :shrug: I’d like to see her method of Fair Isle knitting too. Thanks so much!! :happydance:

Here you go! Enjoy


I was telling Aylaane the exciting resolution of this thread and she reminded me about my post, totally forgot! I still am in shock!

i had speculated to them the yarn was doubled throughout, which will take more, and i know it’s stranded, which will take more, but asked if maybe they used 50-gm ball amounts instead of 100 blah blah, that it seemed crazy, yada yada. so i get a response that they’re looking into it. i get an e-mail like 3 days later from the regular lady, apparently she was on vacation and she says to me, well, we really feel this pattern is correct, you are right about the stranding and doubling blah blah, and the thing weighed a ton before and after felting. while we feel it’s correct, just in case, we’re going to send you all the yarn so you can triple check for us and something extra for your trouble. what colors would you like?

:happydance: :yay: :woot: :shock: :inlove: :muah: :happydance: :yay: :woot: :shock: :inlove: :muah: : :happydance: :yay: :woot: :shock: :inlove: :muah:

!!! can you freakin believe that!!! i can see if i pointed out some huge error to them, but they’re telling me it’s right and they’re mailing me 15 hanks of the alpaca, free patterns, color cards, blah blah, just because, went out thursday!!!

:happydance: :yay: :woot: :shock: :inlove: :muah: :happydance: :yay: :woot: :shock: :inlove: :muah: : :happydance: :yay: :woot: :shock: :inlove: :muah:

ETA: Thanks for the Philosopher’s link!!! Totally going to use it! and yeah, there was no way i would’ve actually bought the yarn! I will have 6 extra hanks from another project, figured I’d need a little more yarn to make it, but no way! Free, yeah, that will work. :wink:

!!!:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :woot: :woot: :woot: :balloons:

That’s all I’ve got to say!
PS let us know how it works out! I want that bag!

wow! That is incredible! Maybe I should find some problems with some other patterns… :teehee: