UPDATE! Starting my first afghan...Take II

Thanks for all the sweet compliments!

So, I don’t really know what I was thinking when I started that afghan…I’m making it for my parents, who will more than likely let the dogs sleep on it (which doesn’t bother me, I love dogs!) but I thought something acrylic would be the most practical. Well, I had 2 pretty balls of yarn, the blue in the picture, and a variagated blue and white, both brand new, but from a thrift store. I don’t know why I thought 2 balls was going to be enough. I went to AC Moore yesterday to see if I could find something to match, and nothing–absolutely [I]nothing [/I]did! So I ended up buying some navy and burgundy Red Heart Soft…and started all over! To make matters worse, the pattern called for size 6 needles, and somehow I was using 9’s. I guess my head really wasn’t on tightly enough when I started! I’ll post more pictures when I have a little more to show for it!

Here’s the pattern : http://www.poly-fil.com/pdffiles/rippleafhgan.pdf

Here’s another shot at posting a picture!

Well ! that is more like it.

It looks great! i really like it.

That is going to be so lovely when it is complete x

That’s so pretty!

It’s so great it makes me want to start another afghan!

I love the color, that will turn out really lovely.

That is very pretty! What yarn are you using and is the color on the pic accurate? I love that dusty blue color

Wow, I love that pattern! Where did you find it?


That is going to be very pretty!! I love the pattern…:happydance:

The color is pretty accurate in the picture, but as you can see from my update, I won’t be finishing it in that color. I’ll probably make it into a pillow cover, or something–I don’t want to scrap all that work!