UPDATE: POST #9 If you have high school kids (or are one) please respond

Im trying to find out what the “in” is for stocking caps…

A lys has asked me to make some hats so she can appeal to the local schools in their perspective colors.

I have made one that has lettering of their mascot on a 2 inch brim.

Now, for my next one, im wanting to do it with ribbing on the brim.
should it be…
A: 2 inch ribbing and go on with my life??
B: 4 inch (or more) ribbing to allow for them to fold it over?
C: whatever is what hs kids want nowdays? suggestions welcome!!

Which one is what kids wear nowdays?
For me…I like lots of cuff so i can have the option of folding it up or not.
But im older than dirt…so my opinion dont matter. its all about comfort for me…has NOTHING to do with fashion!! Not the case with HS kids…Google searching hasnt helped much…I need some help.



In talking with others, Scull Caps are whats “in”. Just in case anyone is interested.

im gonna use this oneand redesign things to accomadate each school.
and make this onejust in case the girls want one not school related.

what yall think of this plan?

Do a small brim, if absolutely necessary.

Last year, I did some hats for some friends. I made no ribbing whatsoever, and they adored them. If it was too big for their heads, they simply folded it in or out, fixing the size. Brims really don’t look good if they’re too big (in my opinion, at least).

However, they ARE necessary, since stockinette folds without some ribbing… Do 2 inch brims. :slight_smile:

London Beanies seem to be all the rage amongst the “cool kids” and the slouchy toque that Beckham was wearing last fall is huge.

I’m 20 but, well, I have a Jan bday so I graduated at 18.

The first one you posted for men and the London one posted are PERFECT for guys.Guys nowadays don’t like to roll up the brim.It’s just not in anymore.My bf has at least 4 beanies like the one you put up first and he’s a year younger than myself.He says they are “styl’n”, lol.The only guy I know that has one and isn’t 10 years older than me owns only 1 roll up beanie.He only uses that for boxing and the gym.

I think for girls, you could try a slouchie hat.They make some that are closer to a beanie than a beret that are pretty “in” nowadays.
Hat’s like this are really great because they work with almost any type of hair; long and straight, long and curly or even a short,short pixie cut.

The cloche-ish beanie you posted by Marnie McLean probably won’t be as popular just cause the flower is kind of tacky.I would go with another non-felted cloche.I love her other one .You just have to make sure to make it long enough to look kind of like a visor up top to give it that 20s look.Some people made it too short and it’s just not as cute.

Most of my students that wear them like to have the front of their hair hanging out so they wear beanies back on the middle of the head (almost like a headband). Boys and girls both like their long “emo-bangs” to show for whatever reason. The area I live in is … well… weird (as the slogan goes “Keep Portland Weird”) so it’s hard to say if my kids are in the ‘mainstream’ as far as what’s popular! :o)

Around here in Minnesota, and where my grandson lives in Spokane, skullcaps are definately the in thing. I just made two for my grandson. I shortened a regular hat pattern and made only a 1" ribbed band. He loves them. Hope that helps. My son wants one now and I’m tired of hats. Guess I’ll be at it a while longer!

I just graduated from college and I would have to say that the first hat you have for the guys would be perfect. All the college kids wear those. The one you have for the girls is a little dated. The flower is too frilly and girly. It just looks a little too matronly. I’m finding more and more that girls don’t really want to look girly so much anymore. If she’s the kind of girl that going to wear a hat, she’s probably not the kind of girl who’s going to wear that hat.

For the girls, I would go something more like THIS. I think its a little more unisexual without being entirely femanine. Actually, I could see guys wearing this too.

I got done with the skull cap…is this what yall were talking about?
Ew…looking at that pic, im noticing my join. is it really that bad to warrent not sending it to the shop?

The red one in this pic is the other hat that i made before i talked with you guys…

maybe a coach or an adult will want this one…im sending it anyway.
now im on to a hat for the girls…will post pics of it when finished.

Thank you sooooo much for yalls help!:hug:

I’m in eigth grade, not high school, but I do know enough about high school. simple knit hats are cute for girls, but a lot of them don’t want to wear them because a lot can’t pull them off. Berets are great, but not like French stereotype berets. They are more like loose hats that have a smaller, ribbed brim to go around your head. They are worn on the back of your head, so they would need to be tight enough to stay on, but not so tight they hurt. And it kinda looks like a pancake.

Melissa, I think both your hats are perfect for high school age students. I have one son in 10th grade and one daughter in 8th. I have seen my son and his friends wear knit beanies like your striped one. I think they would wear the one with the cuff and school mascot name too. My daughter stole commandeered my tam (i.e. news-boy cap) for her own. She doesn’t wear it to school but did wear it for the recent snow we had.

[Typical image found by Google image search using newsboy cap]

My daughter has long hair, so I was thinking a head band to cover her ears and hold her hair back might be more to her liking. I’ll ask her and report back her thoughts.

OHOHOHOHOHOHHHH Jack look at this!!!

I am SOOOO making me one of these(when i find time to) This might be perfect for your daughter!!

I’m a senior in high school this year.

Really, every school is different and it depends on the style of the students in your city. In my school, most of us wear just plain beanies. Guys and girls. No flowers, no skulls, no slouchy hats… But that’s my school. I never really see slouchy hats in my city in Texas. But if you see lots of people wearing them around town, then go for it.