Update: Pictures!

Thanks for starting this Dustina!
I’ll do my best to help make a few.

Where do we send them, and what’s the deadline?

:yay: thank you!

You can send them to me, I’ll pm you my addy when your ready for it. The deadline will be the first part of Nov that way we can pack and stuff :thumbsup:

I just wanted to update the count we have 917 stockings left :woot:

I will honor my commitment to make mini stockings. I don’t use DPNs so I have to find my old pattern with straights that I can modify a bit. I also don’t have any good holiday-looking yarn right now. Our local craft store has Homespun available in holiday colors but I don’t care to work with that yarn. I will order some tomorrow from Knitting Warehouse and will get going on this project.

Your intention to help our deployed troops is really admirable.

:yay: :yay: :yay:

Thank you! No need to order special yarn we are accepting any colors : )

Last year we made stockings for the troops but this year they will be going to Children here in Coshocton. It is basically a factory town and a lot of people have been hit hard with the economy…


Can you use two circular needles? I wrote this pattern last year for that method. It’s an easy one and doesn’t involve a regular sock heel.

It WILL need to be made larger for this project though. I’m thinking maybe casting on 50 and adjusting the decreases as I go. Hmm… tell you what I’ll play with it this week and see what needs to be done to alter it and share it.

Hi Dustina! Just wanted to let you know I started one last night and am almost done with it. My cats have been crazy making me, so it’s a good small project to be able to put down when you have to go rescue one of them from pending disaster or clean up from marking.
they don’t all have to be in xmasy colors do they? Last year I did some in regular colors that were kinda nice.

Thank you and yep they can be in any colors :happydance:

:teehee: It must be something in the air, my cats are not marking but they are tearing stuff down from tall shelves…that usually they never attempt to get on. We were woke up very early this morning with one trying that…I have one that steals yarn too so I gotta always remember to put my projects up :rofl:

You can count this as my first one!

I left a tail at the top because I forgot how to do a crochet chain. Maybe someone can do them after I mail them to you?

Thank you! I got another one done last night at Isaiah’s football practice too!

The chain is optional…so far I’m not sure if anyone has added one…but if it needs one I can do it once I get them :happydance:

[B]915[/B] Stockings left to knit :woot::woot:

I have about 2" now of the sock I’m reworking for the larger size. :thumbsup:

:yay: Thank you!

I was able to get 3 finished up last night while Isaiah had football practice :happydance:

[B]911 [/B]Left to go

I have finished 16 stockings so far. I am loving this project! To make it more fun, I’ve challenged myself to make each one a little different.


ETA: Pattern is now uploaded. Here’s the PDF link.
Good grief this picture is bad, but it’s a 6 in sock. I updated the pattern, but my webspace is being goofy so I’ll have to upload it later so the PDF can be downloaded. Here’s the pattern though.

[B]Seamless Mini Christmas Stocking v. 2
Designed by Jan Lewis

I made these with two circular needles, but you can adapt them for any circular method. They are approximately 4 (6) inches high and 3.75 inches wide at the widest point. Larger size info is in parenthesis.

Materials -
Any worsted weight yarn. (I used Plymouth Encore for my sample)
Size US 4 (5) circular needles (or whatever needles you need for your chosen method)
Gauge - not important, but will be affected somewhat by needle size and yarn weight

Instructions -
CO 30 (32) stitches and divide between the two circular needles

  1. Knit about 2 (4) ridges of garter stitch ending with a purl row last
  2. Knit even for 2.5 (3.5) inches measured from top
  3. K to last two stitches and increase in both, [2nd circ] k1, inc in each of the next two stitches, k to end.
  4. K
  5. Repeat row 3
  6. K
  7. Repeat row 3
    (repeat rows 3 once more for larger size)
    8-13. K 5 (6) rows
  8. K to last 6 stitches, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k1 [2nd circ] k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k to end
  9. K
  10. K1, k2tog, k to last 3 stitches, k2tog once, k1, [2nd circ] k1, k2tog once, k to last 3 stitches k2tog, k1.
  11. K2tog, k to end [2nd circ] k to last two stitches, k2tog (make sure the decreases are at heel)
  12. Kitchener Stitch closed or bind off and seam.

Weave in ends, and make a loop if desired.


Wow, AuburnChick!! :cheering: That’s really impressive! How long does it take you to make one?

It started off taking two hours, but I now have the pattern memorized, so it only takes me 1.5 hours. They are addicting little things!!

:woot: Thank you!! They are all so cute…

[B]909[/B] Stockings Left to go

I love your gorgeous coloured xmas stockings Auburn chick & the style. It would take me forever to make one if they are on dps pins. Keep up the good work. :cheering:

Thank you! I’m making them using the Magic Loop instructions. In my opinion, it’s much faster!!

[B]892 [/B]Stockings left to go :happydance: