UPDATE: Pick a Pic please?

As promised, I am posting here today to tell you that the Harvest Shawl Pattern is up on the Knit Picks website. cloud9

heres the link.
It is offered alone or as part of a kit…

EVERYONE go and get their patterns!:out:

Make sure you link to the The Harvest Shawl pattern page on my Ravlery.

Hope to see LOTS of Harvest Shawls in a rainbow of colors!!!:cheering:

This should be the last time you hear from me about this thing…

Ok here we go again...

but first a little news......

My pattern "Harvest Shawl" Has been accepted by the Knit Picks IDP(Independant Designer Program) And I have been working with them towards website availability of the pattern. I had to reknit the shawl in their yarn and now have it done. I also have to submit a revised pattern with their stuff on it and pictures of the shawl knit in their yarn. 
Heres where yall come in.....

I have taken pictures and would love to have everyones opinion of choices in the catagories.

Please go [here](http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=98683&page=63), post 628, and tell me your choices and opinions!

Thank you!!

congrats!!! :woot:

as for the pictures I like the main pic you have but I kinda like A better as a main pic…I like C for detail…the drape pic is nice as well shows the movement the shawl has

I agree with Abbers. Beautiful work.

I like the “style” of A for your detail picture, however I think C shows the detail off better. Love both the main and drape pics.

Congrats to you - WTG!! :cheering:

I like “A” as the main picture; with the DRAPE picture and “C” as additional ones.

Its lookin like i need to get rid of my original idea of Main Pic?

I was trying to get a picture of its length. well as much of it as i could.

keep em commin!!

I don’t think the one you have listed as “main” does your design justice…it does show the length versus width proportion -but the design doesn’t show well…

Ive updated opening post…check it out.

Yay Melissa - WTG!!:cheering: :yay:

That is just a stunner, Go you.