*UPDATE* Partial FO: Snowflake Lace Socks

These dang socks! :teehee: Let me just say, I love the yarn I’m using, and I LOVE the pattern but man, I have messed this thing up more times than I care to mention! My first time working with lace and dumb 'ol me has consistently neglected to use a lifeline…lol…This is the first one (I really need to learn how to do 2 socks at a time!)…I wanted to use a pattern that would keep me from getting bored (this is DEFINITELY one of those patterns!) yet wasn’t overly complicated…It’s not overly complicated, but, it does allow for quite a few mishaps! Luckily this pattern is also one where little mishaps aren’t very noticeable :wink: It took forever for me to find the perfect pattern for the yarn I’m using, and, I think the yarn looks great with this pattern…Will look much more defined once blocked! Anyway, here’s my WIP:

The pattern can be found HERE

Oooo very pretty!

Those are BEAUTIFUL!!

Nice work! I clicked the sock link. I like your version best. Will the lace just at the top of the sock. It looks like you’re making the foot part plain, and the leg part lacey. Yes?

Actually I am doing the lace on the top of the foot, you just can’t see it because of the way the sock is laying…Once I have it finished and the needles outta the way I’ll get a good pic of it! lol

They’re lovely! Thanks for the pattern link.

Those are going to be pretty, I just love the yarn you chose!

So pretty!

Oh yes, they are going to be gorgeous!! Love the beautiful lace pattern too! What yarn are you using? It’s beautiful!

Unfortunately I lost the label and I don’t remember what yarn it is! :frowning: I think it might be a Schoeller + Stahl yarn…lol

Those socks are adorable! And I love the colors. The stitch pattern looks quite delicate but substantial enough for a sock.

Or maybe the yarn is Sockotta…lol…I know it’s at least one of the two!!

They are gonna be so pretty!! The yarn really makes them stand out!(no pun intended)…Can’t wait to see them spread out and thanks for the link!

Ok, I have the first one finished! The color is a little off and I haven’t blocked it yet, but here’s the first sock!

Oh, and the sock does start where my pants end, I kept my pant leg low enough to not show how long it has been since I last shaved my legs :teehee:

I just gotta say it again: these are gonna be very perty socks!

Gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see the pair.:cheering:

Ooh, very pretty!! :inlove:

love them and the color!

These are so pretty! I’ve printed the pattern so I can make me some in white. :slight_smile:

Those are so cute!! :inlove: