Update on the dastardly Weekend Knitting petticoat socks

Well, I have perservered. These lace petticoat socks should just be called ‘damn hard socks’. With Ingrid’s help I got the pattern going.

Ingrid! (or anyone else who knows this stuff) it’s weird, the sock pattern is looking pretty much like the picture but I’m finding my left twists and rights twists are not identical… like the left twists are so much more pronounced and neater looking whereas the right twists are not. Maybe I’m not doing the right twists right.

I’m going to keep going though, even though there are a couple little mistakes (that’s ok isn’t it???)

The other thing, maybe this should be a seperate post but
you know when you do a yo? What about when you are PURLING. Does the yo go in the same direction? I’ve tried both and it’s confusing. That’s a tricky one it seems to me.

whew. think I’ll go lay down now.

Can you post a pic?

When you do a yo while you are purling, you put the yarn in back and then purl your stitch. Is that what you meant?

Hi Ingrid! I lost my camera, can you believe it? My digital…it somehow has disappeared around the house, either that or it was stolen coz my husband’s sunglasses and it both disppeared and they were on our back porch.

Anyhoo, thanks for the tip on the yo over when purling. It just felt funny and I think I’ve been doing it the wrong way, like same as when knitting. Will try what you say…