Update on sewing my winter curtains & fabric!

Just so you won’t think I’m totally ditzy, I’m continuing on my path to make my own thick winter curtains. OH! I went to that fabric place on the lower east side, Zarins! (thanks again for the recommendation although I forgot who, what a FANTASTIC place that is, oh my god). I got 6 yards of thick brocade-like or maybe it is brocade ha, fabric in a pale shade, kind of cream but with a pink or peachy glow to it, it was regularly $35 a yard marked down to $10 a yard. Note: When buying fabric best to take along a pictue of your carpet coz it looked beautiful at the store but when I got it home it clashed with my carpet. They’re like different shades of beige but now I’ve decided to use it anyhow coz it’s beautiful. Only decision is whether to do those tabs at the top of just a big hem for the curtain rod. And no way am I trying to sew in lining, going to look at those black out curtains at Walmart I think. Wish I could do the lining but it seems to intimidating. Ok. Pictures later.

Can’t wait to see the pictures. I saw some brocade type fabric at Hobby Lobby on sale for $10, regularly $20. I’ll wait and see how yours does. Good luck.

I was the one who suggested Zarin’s; glad you had a good experience there. I would vote for the individual tabs rather than one large hem because the curtains will be heavy and I think it would be easier to open and close them that way. But ready-made pinch pleat tape would really make the curtains move smoothly, and it’s very easy to apply. Good on you for not attaching a lining. It can be done but it’s a big, fiddly job. Separate undercurtains will work fine.