UPDATE! NOW F/O: Mary's Gorgeous Leaf Envy

WOW!!! Gorgeous!!!

that is STUNNINGLY beautiful. Great job. :cheering: :yay:
I love the colorway too.:star:

It turned out gorgeous! Beuaitful work!

WOWSA!!! That is LOVELY!!! :inlove:

You did an amazing job on it!! Such a gorgeous shade of blue too!!!

SOOOO pretty! :heart: Gorgeous yarn for a gorgeous pattern!!

:heart: beautiful!!!
You did a great job!:cheering:
It looks wonderful on you.

You did a great job!
It looks wonderful on you.

I’ll say! I’m sitting here with a major case of Leaf Envy envy! Having never knit lace, it seems a bit daunting, but it sure is a beautiful piece of art. :heart:

Deb, this was very easy as lacework goes. All directions were written and charted. My brain only likes written, some people only like charted, both would be able to tackle this project. (Smart Mary!)

There are no purl stitches because it’s knitted in the round. Only left/right/center decreases, yo’s, and a few M3’s (k1, yo, k1 in same stitch) That’s all! If you have the patience to just keep on knitting, you can do this!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]OH MY[/B][FONT=Arial][B][I]! [/I][/B][/FONT] That’s lovely[FONT=Arial][B][I]!!! [/I][/B][/FONT] It reminds me of a peacock.

You do beautiful work.[/COLOR][/FONT]