UPDATE! NOW F/O: Mary's Gorgeous Leaf Envy

I just started our own Mary’s gorgeous lace shawl, Leaf Envy. It’s been easy-breezy so far! I thought I’d keep you all posted on my progress here.

So far, this is what I’ve got.

Lookin good! :thumbsup: What gorgeous yarn!

It really is pretty in that yarn! I am flattered that you love the pattern, too! :yay: :yay:

That is gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see it all done :happydance:

Looks great, LOVE the yarn too!!! :slight_smile:

Really stunning! The colorway is one of my favorite.:heart:

Lovely so far. Will you wear it as a shawl as Mary did hers? Hers looks thinner lace to me; yours may be cozy and warm.
I find hers a bit small if I were to wear it as a shawl…is it possible to knit it larger? (not criticism, btw…all is more beautiful than I could ever make).

I love the coloring. Its so pretty.

oh wow … it’s gonna be gorgeous!

Yes, Woodi, her instructions include expansion to any size desired! And the instructions are simple and easily understood. If you’ve been knitting longer than about 4 months, you could probably make this!

not sure how I’ll wear it, yet. and yarn is to gauge 5 stitches per inch, wool/silk blend as recommended.

Progress report/update. I’m up to row 84 now. By my stitch count/gauge, I’m approximately 22" between each leg of the triangle. I intend to repeat the pattern twice more, hoping for approx 45" between legs/points of the triangle.

Still going easy-breezy. But the rounds are now taking L O N G E R to complete. :teehee:

Yummy yarn! Can hardly wait to see more!!!

Yes, Woodi, the instructions do include size adjustment information. Just remember that it will require more yardage, the stitch counts will increase and it will take longer to complete. And no offense whatsoever…it is a very common request/question.

And, Monidew, my guage was at 5 sts per inch but this really varies between knitter, needle size and yarn weight. And your Leaf Envy is looking fantastic!

Just a couple of notes about working circular projects…

The stitch count makes the radius larger (measuring on the outside from point or corner to corner, but the round count increases the diameter (measuring on the inside from point to point) multiplied times 2.
So if you have, for example, 90 rounds that are 4 rounds per inch, the diameter would be 90 divided by 4 = 22.5" x 2 = 45", therefore, the more rounds you add, more inches will be added. Adding more rounds increases the stitch count. In other words, for every 4 rounds added, the project actually increases 2".

Hope this isn’t confusing and it all has to do with the math and Pi. :mrgreen:

This is after about 7 pattern repeats, more than 500 stitches on the needles at this point, and ready to start the boarder sequence. Getting tight on the needles! :smiley:

I’m getting so excited to see it finished now! Got to knit quick!

good when you are still excited after such a lot of knitting on the same thing. Long rounds can be taxing but it looks like it is worth it, for sure. (and I don’t even fancy multicolored yarn much… well, just was almost tempted at my LYS… bought mono-colored ones then…)

Monidew, that is gorgeous!! I love Mary’s, and I love yours too!!! :heart:

ooooh, purdy!!

Hot off the needles and still on the blocking pins, but I thought you’d all want to see it. More pics when it’s dry.

This was a great project! Challenging and interesting. But the rounds did get very long toward the end - over 700 stitches on the needles (took an hour and a half to cast off!) LOL! Worth every minute, I’d say! :smiley:


Oh Monica, It is just gorgeous! You were certainly right to choose this yarn…Beautimous and thank you for doing the pattern a great justice! :yay: :woot: :cheering: :woohoo: :muah: :teehee:

Beautiful shawl, Monica!