UPDATE! My Quick-Knit Throw! With Pictures!

Last night I started the Quick-knit throw from the Lion Brand website that I’m making for my DBF’s mom for Christmas. Here’s the throw: http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/70307A.html. I was going to use the same colours it calls for, but once I got them all together, they didn’t look great. I chose yellow, leaf green and sage green instead and I think it’s turning out very nicely.
This project is knit on size 50 needles, so it’s knitting up VERY quickly! I’ve never knit on anything larger than a size 10 or so, and I felt like I was knitting with pointy logs. Everytime my DBF looked over at me last night, he laughed because of the size of the needles! It’s worth it though, because after only a couple of hour’s work, I knit over half of my throw (30 inches!). I’m thinking these might make amazing Christmas gifts…

looks like it’d be a nice warm throw, and what a fast knit…hummm…may have to try it. I was scared of the big stix when I saw them in the store how do you hold them? Is it a little akward?

It was a little awkward to start knitting with them, but now it’s sort of fun. They’re really light, which makes them easier to use and it knits up so quickly that it’s quite satisfying so you want to keep going. Apparently they’re really good for anyone with problems with their hands, like repetitive stress injuries or arthritis, neither of which I have.

Can’t wait to see pictures when it’s done, which sounds like it will be soon!

sounds like something I will try in the near future, and I’d like to see pics too.

the pattern calls for stockinette stitch…does it curl up at the ends?

Okay, so it’s 6:50 and I’ve officially finished the throw…about 24 hours after I started it. I still have to put the fringe on one side, but the knitting is done! I can’t believe it. It looks pretty good, fairly loose, large stitches and really long and narrow, sort of like a one person blanket. The edges do curl up a little, which I was worried about. I slipped the first stitch on each row, and I’m not sure I should have, the edges are sort of loose, but it may have curled more if I hadn’t slipped them. I may have to experiment with another throw. They take so little time to make I think I have to make another one, or a variation on it. It’s sort of boring looking since it’s just stockinette stitch. I’d recommend making one, just for fun! I will post pictured as soon as I can!

i cant wait to see the pic and wow that was quick!.

Can’t wait to see the pictures! It knit up so quick!!

I have been looking at the baby blanket version of this pattern. After hearing your testimonial I will definately try it… after I finish with the one I am working on now!! I can’t wait to see picks!

Can’t wait to see it! The colors sound lovely. After making a lot of prayer shawls with Homespun, I’d recommend tying a little knot on each piece of fringe. It tends to fray easily. I wonder if single crochet along the edges that are curling would help.

I join with the others… Please post pictures! I would love to make this blanket (but would like a sneak peak first).

I’m really excited to see your pics. I own the Speed Stix and actually have the yarn all bought and ready to go for a similar throw off the LB site:


I will be using similar colors in the pic, but I chose a dark blue instead of the brown. I’m happy to hear it’s really as fast as the site says. I plan on starting mine after the weather gets a little cooler. :slight_smile: -Ve

Okay, so I took a few pictures to show you guys what this actually looks like! I think I want to make another one out of rose, green and cream…hmmm
Veronikaj, it’s actually the same throw, but different colours. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is. Up here in Canada we’re already building our igloos for winter, so I thought it would be okay to make this throw :wink:

I was trying to recreate the chair drapey thing they did on the Lion Brand site, but I think I failed!

I can’t see it unless I’m a member of the site? your link just takes me to the sign in page. try copying and pasting the pic directly into your post.

Sorry! For some reason I can’t post pictures on here. They’re all to big and when I try to resize them it doesn’t work. I’ll keep trying though!

Okay, finally, after much frustration…here they are…(I hope)

That came out beautiful!

very nice!

looks great!

i found that i didnt like slipping the first stitch of every row on size 50s, but thats just me.