UPDATE!My husband will never complain again! UPDATE on page 3!

Not that he complained about my knitting before. But he did roll his eyes when I came back with 13 pairs of flip flops and 15 skeins of yarn when I was shopping for hurricane supplies. and he rolled them again when I pack up all of my knitting stuff when we evacuated.

We live in Terrebonne parish, you know, where Gustav made landfall. We decided to evacuate east, which we NEVER do. We usually go to Beaumont, but my family from there was packing up to evacuate also.

We stopped in Gulfport to refuel and hubbie locked his keys in his car!! He has an older car and has the pop open windows in the back and the keys were right there on a ledge. Not one paper clip or coat hanger to jimmey it open. I offered to sacrifice a knitting needle. He bent it 4 different directions, I squished my fingers holding open the window as much as I could. And we got them!

THEN I bought a bottle of wine when we got to our evacuation destination. No bottle opener, so dh pulled out his tools and bent the same knitting needle into a corkscrew. Voila! We had wine. Which wasn’t worth the needle.

We are fine. We have a/c, internet, food, and shelter. We will probably be trying to head home tomorrow. We haven’t heard about the status of our home. We live in an old crummy trailer and don’t know if it held up. But no matter what, it will work out. We have friends and family that will help, more important, we have insurance! And dh will never roll his eyes at my knitting again! Sorry no icons to accent my story. The internet is shoddy and I don’t dare hit extra buttons.

That is quite a story. Good job you don’t use bamboo needles. I hope that your home survived and that you can go back soon. I just cannot imagine the stress you must be under. Sending you positive thoughts.

It was a little longer than I intended. LOL! You are right about the bamboo! I am surprisingly calm, especially since I freak out over everything. I have to wait to worry until I get there and assess. Thank you for the thoughts, they are greatly appreciated!

I hope that your home is okay, too. Now if only my knitting comes in handy at home with my boyfriend… then maybe he wouldn’t make fun of my so much anymore! :mrgreen:

Best wishes when you head back and may the other three hurricanes lined up in the Atlantic take a differnt path.

I work for a food service and we are selling oodles of food to the shelters around here. They are planning on feeding people til Saturday.

That is good know. We are in stockton/bay minette. There are several other Louisianan’s here. Camp Delta has been extremely helpful and nice.

I am hoping that your home is till Ok when you get back . Be grateful that you are both ok . Although your post is sad you made me smile . I bet your DH is happy that you took your knitting needles with you .
Be strong and i wish you all the best !

That is all very scary…I hope you can get home and that there isn’t too much if not any damage!

LOVE your story! I think you should tell us the brand of needle since it is so useful. I’m curious to the size, too!

I hope your home is safe and I am so happy that you and your family are in a safe place right now. Your dh is a very inventive guy. Congratulations to him for making useful tools from one knitting needle. LOL My dh & I have some very fond memories of Houma when we visited in 1991. Dh grew up in a fishing village in the Florida Panhandle and always wanted to visit your town. We really enjoyed your town and I hope it came through okay.

I hope your home is ok!!

Hope your home is ok. :hug: Great story :slight_smile:

A friend of mine, Elrin Fanguy, is a detective in Houma, LA. I haven’t heard from him nor has the daylily robin we both belong to. If any one in Houma, LA knows Detective Fanguy, please tell him to post to the daylily robin so we will know he is OK.

I hope he’s okay and that your house is, Stefanny Jo. You are all in my prayers.

I’m glad you and your family are okay. Hopefully your home will be too. If not, it’s replaceable. You are not.

It was a size 3. a LONG size 3. But I couldn’t tell you the brand. When I started knitting friends and family scoured the flea markets and thrift stores. I think that was one of those. It didn’t even have a match (but I am not telling him that!)

Thanks to all of you. I can’t thank you individually because of my connection. It has taken me 25 minutes to log on and get to this. You are right my home is replaceable. My children and I are safe and my husband. We will be going home Friday to assess the damage. Then on to Beaumont to visit my family until I can go back to work. I am a teacher.

I will keep my ears and eyes open about Det. Fanguy!

Thanks again for all the support!

I’m so glad that you and your family are safe and I hope that your home will be okay. :hug:

First of all, I am so glad, thankful, you and your DH are okay and I do pray your home will be fine when you return. You have the ‘true blue’ spirit of this country. In the face of disaster, at least have a knitting needle for something useful, i.e., getting into the auto, opening the bottle of vino, etc. You made my heart happy reading your story. Stay strong, you will survive with your spirit. God Bless. :thumbsup:

Your husband is a regular McGyver!