Update, I'm home

Hello everyone :waving:

Thank you for all your very kind messages. I’ve been good today so the nurses have kindly let me use the computer. I won’t be on long, I get tired quick.

I’m doing well, just a bit sore. The food here is just :ick: so I hope I get to go home soon to Mikey’s cooking.

Thanks Rita for keeping everyone up to date. Blossom is now waiting for me at home, too many people took an interest in her I didn’t feel she was safe when I wasn’t around.

The worst thing is I can’t knit! :shock: I have to rest my right side for about week and then I can limit the the things I do. No heavy lifting etc.

Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers, it’s meant so much to me.

I’ll be intouch when I’m home, which hopefully won’t be too long. I hope everyone here is well .

Take care


Glad to hear you are on the mend. Hope you get to go home soon!

Bad food AND no knitting?! The horror!


Glad to hear from you! Rest up, and you’ll be back to knitting in no time! :hug:

I’m so glad you’re feeling better! :hug::hug::hug:

SO glad to hear from you and to know you’re ok. You’re in my prayers

:hug:Glad to hear you are on the mend…:heart:
When my sil had my nephew and we visited her in the hospital, I saw the “menu” list she got for meals. I was saying DANG they eat good here, to bad you have to be sick or have a baby to try it. Our hospital almost is like a little town of it’s own…I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if people went to their cafeteria for dinner like a regular restaurant…:shrug:
Obviously that does do YOU any good, but I had to share.
Keep on the mend and best wishes on speedy recovery and quickly getting back to knitting! :thumbsup:

Hope you feel better soon, get some good food and can knit!!!:hug:


:happydance::happydance:So glad you feel well enough to check in here.:happydance::happydance:

We’ve missed you! I’m glad you’re doing much better. Give yourself some rest and you’ll be outta there in no time:cheering:
Big hugs :hug: and kisses :muah:!

:muah: I’m soo glad to hear from you. Hope you feel better soon!

Oh man, no knitting? That’s just horrible! I always think it’s not so bad getting sick because I have a good excuse to do nothing but sit around and knit. But you can’t knit either? You’ve gotta get well soon!! :hug:

Prayers for a fast recovery…glad to hear from you…take it easy :hug:

:muah:Hi elli,

You are most welcome my friend. What are friends for?

I am so glad that you are doing well. And i am also glad that blossom is now in the safe hands of mike lol

Youwill be back to knitting in no time.

Speak to you soon hun:inlove:


:hug:So glad you are on the mend! But no knitting !!!:noway: Those doctors are sure asking a lot of a person. :teehee:
Take care.

Oi, don’t they know that a few grams of yarn a day keep the doctor away?

Hope you get the rest you need and are back on your feet soon d(^_^)b, we miss ya girl :slight_smile:

I came home this afternoon. Thank everyone for your support. I’ll be around later on this evening. :muah:

Great news! :cheering: I think it’s always better if you can be home and recover in peace.

Hope you’re feeling ok today :hug:


So glad you’re home!!!