Update: Has anyone ordered from littleknits.com?

I placed an order last Wednesday but I got one auto response, and that was the last time I got anything response from them. I called their toll free number several times but I always reached the answering machine. It’s almost like jeff the wonderland already. Has anyone ordered from them before?

I have, several times, and the owner was excellent at communicating - hope everything is ok with her. Her name is Sue, and as I recall she has either one or two little people “helping her” as only toddlers can. She was a sweetie.

I’ve also ordered from Little Knits and had no problems with orders or with Sue responding.


I’ve ordered from her and had no problems either.

I’ve never had any problems with her – very helpful and courteous. :thumbsup:

I’ve ordered from Sue before and she was very good - even going so far as to refund me some money as the shipping was less than anticipated when she could’ve just pocketed the extra and I probably wouldn’t have been any wiser! :thumbsup:

Yes, I have!! This last time, what I ordered was on sale when , after 2 weeks I hadn’t gotten it, I e-mailed her and she phoned me back, and told me that finding the amount (10skeins) that I ordered had them hunting their back room, and they didn’t have that color. She then gave me 10 of another color and discounted it even more than the sale price and refunded part of my payment to Paypal. She was very polite, and I had ordered a couple of times from there–mysona nd dil usually give me a gift certificate to LittleKnits at my request because of their good sales!!

It may be taking them a while longer to put your order together because they’re small–and I had to get in touch with them before they called me–but I was ok with it, because, as usual–I had OTHER things to work on!! :smiley:

You all have good things to say about this shop. Now how do I explain this situation? I emailed her yesterday and I am still waiting for a response.

Okay, day 7, today, I left her a phone message this time. I’ll see if she calls me at all.

I ordered from littleknits a couple months ago and my experience was similar to yours…slow communication. Sue did eventually respond to my emails and the yarn was sent shortly after that. There are good deals there and she will refund shipping if overpaid. I think it might be the difference in time zones. I am in EDT and she is in PDT.
I would purchase from her again.


oh oh oh …they are in Seattle…

marks it down for a new LYS to visit

Good idea ! Please do go and find out why the slooooooow communcation!

Okay, she finally called me. She told me that she will ship my order out tomorrow via priority mail. She did not mention discount or anything though.