Update...Gonna keep need prayers!Can anyone use/buy some Imagination Yarn

Hi everyone…I have 3 hanks of Imagination (Knit Picks)…Colorway (1 of ea) Pixie Dust, Ginger Bread House and Seven Dwarves…Purchased to make socks, but I don’t think sooo!!! Still “not confident” to try sockies. Yarn is still in “hanks”…Very gorgeous stuff…If anyone interested let me know… Looks like these:

How much are you asking for them?

I would like a gift cert from KP for $15 Thanks for asking…:hug: FYI…went on Rav and checked out projects with this yarn…it works up very beautifully (socks anyway)…

Use it for scarves, then! I love that stuff! Seven Dwarves is my favorite.

Yea, believe me I looked at every option before I posted here…but I didn’t want to “wind it up” and take a “chance” of goofing up this awesome stuff…Thanks:hug:

Are these still availabe? THanks!



They are very pretty…do you need 2 skeins of each color though to make an adult pair of socks? How much yardage does just one have on it? :think:

Imagination has 219 yds per 50gm hank.