UPDATE! Getting a Tummy Tuck TOMORROW

Long story, but will give you the short story.

Was going to have a Tummy tuck on the (7-24), But after posting on a Tummy Tuck web page about what my PS was and was not going to do, They (the ladies) got on to me about my Plastic Surgery (pS) not going to do a Muscle repair (MR). So after me doing some more research, I cancel my apt.

I then got 2 new apt with 2 more different PS. Like both of them. Yes they both do MR. But one of the Dr, (Anderson) had a lady who is getting a divorce so she had a cancel, Lucky me, I am getting my TT Tomorrow!!!:yay:
I am have been busy running around all day to get stuff ready. I just saw the New PS on Tuesday, So I had to go back today to get pictures, sign papers and stuff.

I will get to set and do nothing but Knit as much as I want to…:knitting:

Good for you!! I hope it ends up being just what you hope it will be. Keep us posted. :waving:

Good luck to you! :hug:

:pray: Prayers out for a successful and uncomplicated procedure!

:muah: Here’s to a wonderful recovery full of lots of :knitting:


Me too! :heart:

What LibraryLady said!! :thumbsup: Good luck!

Good luck!

Wow. So they are not only going to tuck your tummy but fix your tummy muscles? does that mean plastic surgeons can give you back tummy muscle you lost (say after having a baby?) That’s awesome. Can you show us pictures? Or is that too weird? Good luck! Happy knitting!

Lucky you! I keep telling myself that I’m just too confident in myself to ever do something like that, but really, we just can’t afford it.:teehee:

YAY for you!


hope it goes smoothly and that you get plenty of time to knit during recovery!

Hope all is well!!!

everything went well. my back is killing me. I have been trying to get up and walk around… at a snail pace.
My DH leaves tomorrow for NY. He will be gone all week. so I have been trying to get myself out of bed.
My DS-17, will be here and so will my DD. and my mom and dad only live 10min away.

I don’t know how much i lost, the PS said he took 1 liter out of me , just with [COLOR=#006699]lipo[/COLOR], I don’t know how much I lost with the extra [COLOR=#006699]skin[/COLOR]. I did weight myself, Ilost 4 lbs.
My whole family came by to see me yeasterday and could tell a big different.

can’t keep my [COLOR=#006699]eye[/COLOR]s open.
I am also having a hard time focasing.

I want to get off the pain pills but can’t stand the pain, I just want to fell like my self and not so drugy…

Hope you can read this, I am about to fall asleep.

Just make sure you take it easy and don’t over do it…

Hope you recover quickly!:hug:

yes they repear your mucles you get a better flatter tummy. I also got lipo on my love handles.

NO knitting yet I can’t keep eyes open.

If you want to watch what I had done yu can wtch this video. just click on BODY then click on Full tummy tuck


You’ll be back to your old self in no time!

Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the results :hug:

Feel better!!!:hug:

Glad to hear it went well - I wish you a quick and relatively painless recovery!

I’ve wanted to get a TT and MR done since i had my first son 5 years ago - he was SO huge (nearly 12 lb) that he destroyed my tummy muscles and the c-section belly looks so gross! Now that I have had our 2nd son (3 weeks ago) and he was 10 lbs himself, my tummy looks even worse. Is it an expensive procedure??

Hope you feel better real soon!

Prayers out you can feel like knitting during your recovery! :happydance:


good luck~!:waving: