Update: Done - IK Dickinson Pullover

I’m almost there! :woot: So, I got IK for the first time in August and I loved the Dickinson Pullover. My mom thought it was beautiful so I decided to make it for her for a Christmas gift.

I am so happy with it, and so proud of myself because its only the second sweater I’ve done. And the first was pretty easy as it was cropped and done in the round (Very Cropped Top Hoodie) Anyways, I’m done with the front, back, and sleeves so now all I have to do is seam the shoulders, add the collar, seam the sides and sleeves and I’m done! :slight_smile: Here it is (I hope these pictures work!)

WOW! That is beautiful! :inlove:

Great job so far!

I LOVE that sweater and it’s not even put together yet! I can’t wait to see what it looks like all put together. I’ve gotten away from knitting sweaters, but with the cooler weather on the way, I might just have to start one. Great job!

:passedout: beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see it all put together…:woot:

:passedout: Indeed… stunning!

Thanks you guys :slight_smile: I’ll be getting some of the seams done tonight during the Red Sox game (Go Sox!!!) I’ll have to take some more pics when its all done

that is absolutely gorgeous! can’t wait to see it all seamed up, be sure to post pics! i’m sure your mom will be absolutely thrilled to receive the sweater…in my experience, mom’s are the best receivers of knitted gifts.

that is beautiful. I was thinking of doing it at some point. Did you fine it difficult?

Magnificent! Please post again when you have it all seamed up. It’s so pretty.

When I first looked at it I thought it was going to take forever and be pretty hard, but it was alot easier than I thought. I found that halfway through the center cable pattern repeats I pretty much “got it”. You really just get into the repetition of the pattern and don’t have to look at the chart as often as you’d think.

It also didn’t take as long as I thought. I think I started it in August and I’m almost done. I did a full time internship in August and started school at the beginning of September! Now that I think of it, I don’t know how I’ve managed working on this plus all my school work! :noway:

Anyways, I definitely think you should make one! It really is a beautiful pattern

that is such a beautiful sweater!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: that pattern…and yours is absolutely gorgeous. Now I want to make it even more! :slight_smile:

Seriously…:inlove: …way to go!

That is stunning! I look forward to seeing the pictures when it’s all put together. What a special present for your mom. :cheering:

It’s looking beautiful. :woohoo:

What a lucky Mom you have, the sweater is beautiful!

It is going to be just gorgeous!!!

WOW! That’s pretty. Nice color too.:thumbsup:

WOW :inlove: It looks really beautiful! Such fantastic work! What a wonderful gift! I can’t wait to see the finished product so take lots of pics :mrgreen:

I am going to make that for myself as soon as I finish my christmas knitting!!Thanks for the inspiration yours looks great.