*Update* - Addi Turbos tarnishing/discoloring-Solution Found

I’m so heartbroken. All my addis tarnish/discolor within a few hours of use. What is wrong with me?

DH told me to clean using a vinegar solution and I did, but it’s not really helping at all.

I’ve never heard of that happening! Do you have a problem with jewelry? Where did you buy them?

I’ve had some of my Addis for years and nothing like that has ever happened. Do you use some kind of lotion that may cause the discoloration? Does it come off on your yarn? :??

No, it’s me… I do that to anything gold plated too. I want to cry.

That’s what I thought…some sort of chemical reaction. I’m not sure there is anything you can do. If they still work and it doesn’t come off on your knitting I don’t see it as being a problem other than cosmetic. I understand your being upset though. :heart:

They still work, but they are definitely not as slick as they were when I opened the package.

I wonder what is wrong with me that this is happening?? I’m 28 and I’ve never had a cavity. I wonder if that has something to do with it. Too basic/not acidic enough? LOL

How about try clean it with the solution you use for jewlry ?

It could be that your body has a bizarre reaction to certain foods, or if you’re taking any kind of medication, including herbal, that could do it. It would be worth a trip to the doctor to find out.

I’m not on any medications and I’ve taken gold plating off jewelry ever since I can remember. With the Addis, I don’t think the nickel-plating has come off… I think it just might have reacted with something. I’m going to try some kind of mild basic solution later on today and see if it works.

Sounds like it could be a nickel metal allergy. I have one. Can’t ever wear the stuff in my pierced ears without problems. If you do a google search, about 15% of folks have one. And it would explain the gold plating thing as well-- most gold used in jewelry is not pure (including plating) but an alloy that contains quantities of nickel. To find out if you are allergic you can have patch tests done.

But that doesn’t solve your discolored needle problem :frowning:
Maybe a jeweler would know about restoring the luster to tarnished nickel?


What a bummer! :frowning:

I just wanted to add…don’t waste too much time looking for something to restore the lustre to nickel…I have a nickel plated flute that got severly tarnished, and we looked for years for someone who could restore it…no luck. Nickel is tough that way. :frowning:

Oh Steph! :frowning:

It does sound like your body’s reacting chemically to the needles. Stink!

Yeah, nothing is working… oh well.

Maybe I’ll just have to knit with gloves from now on. LOL

This happens with needles too (when I used to cross-stitch).

What sucks is that I ordered the knitpicks ones too and I know the same thing will happen.

I’ve heard this happens as result of the acidity (sp?) level in your body–my mom has the same problem and can’t wear certain jewlery b/c of it…it happened to my great aunt too…I don’t know if that’s the real reason but that’s the one that has always been given to me.

Left you a PM

Best Wishes


How about painting the Addis with a very tough clear nail polish? Something like OPI? That might help, I dunno. I’m really not an expert in this area. Good luck, though. Sucks …


My mother used to do that to her jewelry because most of it gave her a rash. It worked well!

would it mess up their “slickness”? I’m so sorry you’re having this problem! Did you say it happens w/ crochet hooks too? dh says that if it can’t be polished out that a lacquer of some sort (clear, of course) might be your best bet. I’d just worry about the consistency of the needles afterwards–I know I’d never be able to paint something evenly.


I’ve had a good mooch around internet and unfortunately, the stuff I can buy here is only manufactured in Europe and is not suitable for putting on an aircraft! either inside or outside, for that matter.

Maybe some good news though - I’ve come across a couple of products that may help restore the metal to how it was when you bought the Addis and a coating that might go some way to protecting the metal.

Pinnacle Supplies in Miami have a website:www.watchpolishing.com

They have Brushed Satin Finish which is claimed to restore and maintain most metals - leaving them with a smooth finish.

They also supply an anti-scratch coating for watch faces, eye glasses, CDs -

It’s worth a shout checking their website and their -e.mail:sales@propolish.com because they certainly seem a very professional, old-fashioned company.

Maybe get in touch and explain the problem - I’m sure they’ll do their best to help you.

If the worst comes to the worst and you get no joy, I’ll get you a pair of Addis - coat them and mail them over to you - us KNITS are not so easily thwarted. Please let me know how you get on.

Good Luck


PS - Don’t use vinegar or anything containing an acid

I’m determined to find a way to help you…

dh says if you wanna try a metal polish…try brasso…we use it on our ipods and it takes out scratches…maybe it’d help?