Update about past post on horses

Thought i’d give you all the latest. This morning i had a knock at the door to yet another rescue centre saying they had had a report i wasnt looking after ANY of my horses!! A woman that came in the past with the old c*w that phoned came along with as she is part of the centre.

I must confess i talked at them and was a bit off as i explained this was very personal and i dont know why. they have agreed all is fine.

i have asked for it in writting, but so far nothing (they said they’d e mail it to me today, its now 6.30pm and nothing). i am going to see the police tomorrow and the local marie (council) to see what i can do to stop this from happening as its getting stupid now.

i am going to phone the british embersay here in france to see what hey can surgest also because the french authorities i have spoken to in the past have the tendancy to tell you thers nothing can be done because your english not french (very very racist in this part of france im in right now).

knowing the way her mind works (and unfortunatly i do) i will wait for the french main rescue centre (she’s sent the 2 english once taht are main in france so far) then i guess she’ll styart on ds. my guess is she’s out to hurt me any way she can. she cant have my horses so she can have my son taken away fromme, as you guys know i have problems with him anyway. so this means i definatly cant get any profecianal help for him/me because then im a failing single parent, and then screwed all over again. I cant win really.

my only option is to move, the last rescue centre have agreed taht they cant see her stopping now (one of the women that came knows her). so i got a fun time ahead.

anyway, thought i’d let you know as you have heard the rest of it

I’m so glad things worked out! What goes around comes around and one day, that lady will reap what she sows.

to be honest i think tey already have reaped what they’ve sown. her husband has drunk like a fish and now has the effects to show for it, she smokes like a chimney and has to have an effect from it. theres no way someone that smokes the amount she does cant have something nasty from it. i feel sorry for her tbh, she is seriously lacking a life to feel she has to mess up mine.

i know why she’s done it now, she wants 1 of my horses, a friend of hers wants the other one. teach me for having such lovley ponies :teehee: .

i do agree in life what goes around comes around. also live by the moto treat others how you’d want to be treated yourself. i dont get some people. but hey it had a good ending, prehpas i can sleep now lol. less knitting time though which is the downer on it lol

Sounds like there was a lot of jealousy on her part. I’m glad for you that it’s over.

i think your right actually. my older lad was eu junior dressage champ. and such a lovley lad.

1 of my ponies, he blood line will be dead after she dies as she’s the last breadable horse of her line (unless i breed from her that is, which i am thinking about)

the other is the most stunning horse i’ve ever seen and she knows it lol.

she brought a freind of hers to my house (she brought several of them, i should have known something wasnt right when someone turns up uninvited with their fridnds taht you havent met before). and her friend said she was having my old boy!! i just said that would be over her dead body lol. i didnt think it was serious so i was playing about.

i did hear through a friend who knows her (she runs a shop and she buys from her) taht she is saying some lovley things about me. just as well i have thick skin or i would be upset being told i sleep around and have had terminations!! i dont and i havent obviously. my friend told me laughing about it as she knows full well thats rubbish and she told her so infront of a full shop :roflhard: . god help her if i hear her say it lol

can you tell i’ve now relaxed about it all and have decided to move sooner rather than later. just gota get the house to a point its able to go onto the market then im getting a place opf my own (this place is in my brothers name so i can get a morgage easily now, but cant afford to renovate and have 2 morgages’ unfortunatly, wish i could or i’d be buying today as i’ve found the perfect place lol).

gona shut up now lol